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Awesome afternoon science: The science of Bruce Lee’s one inch punch

Among the many, many things that made Bruce Lee the most badass mofo in modern history, his signature one-inch punch was one of the most well known and consistently impressive. From just one inch away, he could deliver a blow so powerful it could literally knock a grown man off his feet. So how exactly does a martial artist like that deliver such a jolt of power in such a short distance? It all has to do with the beauty of physics and biomechanics and Bruce Lee’s uncanny muscle control.

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IHC Saturday Movie Matinee: Sho Kosugi in Pray For Death

This movie has been a guilty pleasure of mine for a while. Sho Kosugi plays a father with a hidden Ninja past. He moves with his family from Japan to Los Angeles, but local thugs drive him back to his ninja roots. The bad guys will then certainly PRAY FOR DEATH! it’s a little slow in the beginning, but it picks up when Kosugi goes full ninja.

How to Break a Board With Your Hand

Don’t hurt yourself, dumbass.

Martial artist /actor Jim Kelly dead at 67.

Martial artist and actor Jim Kelly, best known for his role in ‘Enter the Dragon’ died this weekend at the age of 67. He and Bruce Lee will now be battling for eternity in heaven.

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Taekwondo Spider-Man kicks ass like only a spider can

And this is how you do it, Andrew Garfield.

Check out this dude’s badass quadruple taekwondo kick

That’s four faces broken in a split second.

IHC After Dark movies: ‘Return of the Street Fighter’

Return of the Street Fighter (殺人拳2 Satsujin ken 2?) is a 1974 martial arts film and the second in a series starting with The Street Fighter starring Sonny Chiba. In this sequel, Martial artist Takuma Tsurugi returns to take on a Yakuza family that may be embezzling money from charities to finance their own operations. Both the police and the Yakuza find themselves battling Tsurugi, but Tsurugi’s fight ultimately is with the mob, and he concentrates on them.

Today would have been Bruce Lee’s birthday, so here’s this awesome bone-crunching fight scene from ‘Way of the Dragon’

Be water, my friend

Ninjas may be going extinct in Japan

Even though the era of samurai and shoguns are long gone in Japan, there are still a few that know the true art of the ninja. While I’m sure you could find a number of people who claim to be ninjas, the true art and craft of the ninja is something that’s facing extinction in the 21st century.

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Saturday morning cartoons: “Non Stop Ninja Motion”

Each frame is a photograph. This was shot in one day from sunrise to sunset. 1000 pictures. 1000 martial arts tricks. 1 martial arts tricker.

Jackie Chan announces his retirement from action movies UPDATE: Not exactly

Ever since the beginning of his film career, Jackie Chan has not only been pretty much a purely action movie kind of guy, but perhaps the most entertaining on-screen martial artist since Bruce Lee. And now Chan has announced he is retiring from action. To do what? Sappy romantic comedies?

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Bruce Lee’s brutal six inch punch

Let’s see that again! And again! And again! Oh, I could watch that one punch forever.

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