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Thousands sign up for a one way suicide mission to Mars

Mars One is planning a one-way trip to Mars in 2023 and there are tons of people lining up to go. There’s no way back, so it means you’d die on Mars, but would you go?

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Private company wants to have a colony on Mars by 2023

It’s pretty ambitious, but a Dutch start-up wants to have a small human colony on Mars by 2023, which would be 10 years ahead of NASA’s schedule. How are they going to fund this $6 billion mission? By turning it into a reality show.

“To attract sponsors, we will create appealing media content around the selection of the astronauts, the training, unmanned missions and other topics,” said Mars One cofounder Bas Lansdorp.

The astronaut selection process — read: auditions — for the show will begin in 2012, and the competition will narrow the candidate pool from 40 down to 4 over a decade-long training process. Naturally, viewers will get a say in who gets “voted off” the space mission.


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