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The most expensive divorce in history… a 4.5 billion dollar settlement.

Divorce can be fairly expensive, but for Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, the split from his wife will cost him a massive $4.5 billion dollars. The settlement decision was handed down from a Swiss court, where Rybolovlev and his ex-wife owned two chalets.

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Eleven year old Yemeni girl slams arranged marriages after she had to flee her home to get out of one

Meet Nada Al-Ahdal, an incredibly smart and brave 11-year-old Yemeni girl who fled her home to escape a family-arranged marriage that she never signed up for.


This came from my local radio show. The husband filming this has just served his wife divorce papers. After watching this, I don’t blame him. Wow.

Michigan woman caught on tape soliciting an undercover cop to kill her husband

Julia Charlene Merfeld was caught on video, trying to arrange to have her husband murdered. The marriage wasn’t going well, she didn’t want to break his heart and she didn’t want to feel like she was letting her family down with a divorce, so she went looking for a hitman. That hitman turned out to be an undercover cop.

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Couples who meet online tend to have better marriages. Science!

It used to be that online dating was considered kind of creepy and desperate. But as more people have gotten into it, there’s more people to choose from and the stigma around online dating is pretty much entirely gone. And a new study has found that one third of marriages in the US now start online and couples who first meet online, whether it’s through or World of Warcraft, tend to have happier and more satisfying marriages than those hanging out at a bar waiting magically for their soul mate to walk in.

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Missouri man arrested for failing to leave the bedside of his sick husband

In Missouri, gay marriage is neither legal nor recognized. One of the strongest emotional arguments for marriage equality played out in real life this week as Roger Gorley, who had been given power of attorney over the affairs of his long term boyfriend, was arrested when he refused to leave the hospital bedside of his dying partner when the bedridden man’s family ordered Gorley to leave. 

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Ian McKellan will be marrying Patrick Stewart

And by “marrying”, I mean that Sir Ian McKellan will be officiating the wedding between Sir Patrick Stewart and Picard’s love lady friend, Sunny Ozell.

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Meet the couple who could have the fortitude for a trip to Mars and back

Last month, billionaire Dennis Tito said that he wants to send a married couple on a trip around Mars and back, a journey of 500 days in a tiny tin can floating through space. For the mission, it can’t just be any couple— preferably, you’d want two people who have experience living in extreme isolation for long periods of time without killing each other. Rolf and Deborah Shapiro have done just that, having spent 15 months alone in Antarctica, just for the fuck of it.

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Billionaire wants to send a married couple around Mars starting in 2018. Yeah, that’ll work.

Billionaire space tourist guy Dennis Tito wants to help be one of the first people to launch people to Mars in 2018. Instead of a single person or a crew of several, Tito’s idea is to send a married couple in orbit around Mars, because being married is a guarantee that someone won’t get murdered when you’re stuck in a tin can for 500 days in space.

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Three hundred bikers illegally clog interstate 10 in Los Angeles for a marriage proposal

When Hector “Tank” Martinez wanted to propose to his girlfriend, he did it in a big way. Martinez and nearly three hundred other bikers purposely clogged traffic on I-10 in Los Angeles to a complete standstill so he could pop the question to his lady love. And yeah, she said yes.

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