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Explore 500 beautiful National Geographic maps with Google

For over 120 years, National Geographic has not only been documenting the world through gorgeous photography, but through stunning maps. Now, with a partnership with Google, you can explore 500 National Geographic maps spanning decades and decades of NG cartography. 

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It won’t be long before robotic drones are mapping the world all on their own

Mapping our world is big business, and it’s important business— from understanding our planet, to keeping tabs on population to just knowing the best way to get around, we’re always looking at new and better and faster ways to collect data on our surroundings. And with small, cheap flying drone technology, we could have robots doing constant measuring and monitoring and surveillance for us. Like tiny little mechanical guardian angels.

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Google buys Waze, maps are about to get way more social

Just as Apple is trying desperately to improve its own Maps application, Google just keeps pulling further and further away. And with their acquisition of social traffic mapping app Waze, it’s going to add a whole new dimension to using Google Maps.

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Bing maps may have accidentally revealed the location of a secret drone base in Saudi Arabia

Modern day, widely accessible satellite map technology has allowed people to discover all kinds of things, even things that weren’t supposed to be discovered. Like the above photo, which is supposedly a shot of a secret US drone base in Saudi Arabia.

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Everything wants to kill you in Australia, including Apple Maps

Authorities in Australia have warned motorists not to trust Apple’s new Maps program, as its incorrect maps and shitty directions my cause bodily harm or death. One wrong turn on the way to grandma’s house and suddenly you’re flying off a cliff into a den of deadly alligators and poisonous spiders. It is Australia after all… that could really happen.

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Apple Maps accidentally outs secret Taiwanese military base

In the county of Hsinchu, Taiwan, the Taiwanese government has… er had… a top secret radar range to detect incoming Chinese missiles. It’s apparently been unknown to the outside world until Apple’s goofy Maps came along and showed the location of the radar range off as clear as day for all to see. Whoopsie.

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It’s not just you, Apple Maps does really suck that bad

It’s only been a little over 24 hours since iOS 6 dropped, bringing with it Apple’s own Maps program, and people are already getting hopelessly lost and confused by its directions. Sure it’s got Siri giving you turn by turn directions and pretty vectorized 3D graphics, but if it gets you lost, it’s not very good. It’s got one job…

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OK motherfuckers, let’s try this again. IHC Member Map, round 2

IHC’s first attempt at a member map was, to be technical, a complete clusterfuck.  Trolls pretty well gang-raped the map and it was all downhill from there.

So…. off to Round 2.  If you want to be included on the map, send us your username and ‘hood to ihcmaps at (or just write it in the comments, but no guarantees that we’ll be checking the comments down the road).

You can check out the current map here:


Someone requested an IHC member map, so here you go

IHCer ChaosTsar sent me a message saying we should have an IHC member map, so we can get a good idea of where people are generally from so maybe we can plan IHC parties accordingly. You don’t have to put your real name of course, or even put a pin in the exact city you live in if you don’t want. General area is okay. 

So I figured, he is the Tsar of Chaos, so I’d better listen to him.

Click here to put yourself on the IHC member map.

Step 1: Click Edit / Step 2: Add your pin / Step 3: Click save

Stunning map of all known earthquakes since 1898

f you’ve ever wondered where and why earthquakes happen the most, look no further than a new map, which plots more than a century’s worth of nearly every recorded earthquake strong enough to at least rattle the bookshelves. The map shows earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater since 1898; each is marked in a lightning-bug hue that glows brighter with increasing magnitude.

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Google introduces 3D maps for mobile

Today, Google held a press conference to announce some new Google Maps stuff. As of right now, if you’ve got Google Earth on your mobile device, you’ll be able to see Google’s brand new 3D mapping technology, letting you zoom into metro areas and see skyscrapers and shit, rendered in 3D.

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