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The latest Lego Movie trailer spoofs Man of Steel

Is it possible to fall in love with a movie you’ve only seen so far in trailers?

Could this be what Batfleck’s cowl will look like?

Ever since it was revealed that the plot for Man of Steel 2, aka Batman vs Superman would use Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ as its batspiration, I was already envisioning a shorter eared bat cowl for Ben Affleck, and it looks like the rumor mill has kind of confirmed this, though the above image is from ‘Batman: Noel’ from 2011, which is a more modern take on the more compact Frank Miller style cowl and suit. Apparently, the first round of design would have made the next on-screen Batman similar to his look in the game ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’, but it was scrapped for being too similar to Chris Nolan’s Batman.

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The final Man of Steel trailer is seriously badass

This trailer has a bunch of new footage, so if you want to be totally surprised at everything when this comes out in a few weeks, don’t watch. Otherwise, enjoy. I’m still annoyed at what appears to be a total remake of Superman’s Krypton story, but I love how this movie is very much like a first contact action movie, only with Superman and Zod being the first contact aliens.

Brand new ‘Man of Steel’ trailer shows of Superman’s heat vision

It’s a full out assault on Earth and only Superman can save the planet. Well, Superman or The Avengers.

Man of Steel rumor could fuck up Superman forever

While this just appears to be a rumor at this point, there’s a rumor about a plot point in Man of Steel that could permanently fuck up one of the oldest superheroes in comics. Possible spoilers ahead…

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Check out the third trailer for Man of Steel

It’s yet another trailer for Man of Steel, and it still looks pretty badass, even though it’s mostly footage you’ve seen before.

Check out the brand new ‘Man of Steel’ trailer

Could we finally get a decent Superman movie in the 21st century? I want to believe.

The fate of DC’s Justice League movie might depend on how well Man of Steel does at the box office

DC is quite a few years late in trying to match Marvel’s giant movie comic book universe, but they’re seem committed to trying, saying that the 2015 Justice League movie will be the tentpole under which all the other DC character films will branch from. But with disappointing box office number for anything that’s not Batman recently, the entire fate of the Justice League film could rest of Man of Steel not tanking.

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Superman and Batman discuss the lastest Man of Steel trailer

If you haven’t seen the latest Man of Steel trailer, watch it here before Batman spoils it for you.

Could Joseph Gordon Levitt be making a cameo in Man of Steel?

DC has only a few years to try and do with Justice League what Marvel did with The Avengers, but so far it hasn’t really come together in the same way. There were the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and the upcoming Man of Steel Superman movie, but they don’t seem to tie in to a larger Justice League film. Or maybe they do…

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More movie trailers: Check out the second Man of Steel trailer

It’s still another Superman origin story, but I really like the approach they’re taking with it. At least from what I’ve seen.

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