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Apple announced iPad mini, new MacBook Pro, insanely thin new iMac

Everyone knew that Apple would be announcing the iPad mini today, but it was the real computer side of things that was most exciting. Specifically, the insanely thin new iMac, which suddenly makes any other desktop computer look like some 1970s monster box.

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New Macbook Pro’s RAM is soldered onto the motherboard, don’t even think about upgrading it

Last week, Apple unveiled the new Macbook Pro, which is by far their most powerful and fastest laptop yet. But with that power comes a price— when you get that brand new Macbook Pro, you’d better decide up front whether you want 8 or 16 GB of memory, because once it’s in there, it’s in there for good, soldered to the motherboard.

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Apple has a field day, announces awesome new MacBook Pros, iOS 6 with Maps, new stuff for Mountain Lion

Whenever Apple has a big media event, whether it’s WWDC or otherwise, there’s always a shit ton of hype— sometimes Apple delivers and sometimes they don’t. But today, I would say that Apple came out swinging with a lot of cool new apps, features and upgraded gadgets across iPhone, desktops and laptops.

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New MacBook Pro: Hi res screen, USB 3.0, ultra thin design, no optical drive

It looks like Apple’s reading a brand new 15” MacBook Pro for later this year, and according to the Apple rumor mill, the new MBP will have a high res Retina Display screen, USB 3.0 ports an an ultra thin design, minus an optical port. I know I gave shit to Windows 8 for not initially supporting CD or DVD playback out of the box, and it just looks like this is the future. Anything that’s not downloaded will probably come on a USB stick, like recent releases of Mac OS X.

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New MacBook Pro coming next year: SSDs and no optical drive?

Okay Steve Jobs… I’ll give you a point for when you didn’t include a floppy disc drive with the original iMac. People gave you a lot of shit for it, but you knew what you were doing— the floppy drive was quickly on its way out. But if the rumors are true about the new MacBook Pro not having an optical drive, I’m gonna say you’ve lost your fucking mind. HOW ABOUT A GOD DAMN BLU RAY DRIVE?

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