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Lost your luggage? This tiny gadget will help you track it wherever it goes.

Losing your luggage, having it misplaced, having it shipped to a different city… all of it can be a real pain in the ass and sometimes the airline may or may not be able to help. But with this tiny gizmo inside your bags, you’ll be able to see when it gets off the plane and where it is. Hopefully in the same city as you.

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'Hop' is the suitcase of the future that will follow you around like an obedient dog

If you travel frequently, you may wonder how people coped before the invention of rolling luggage, but in the future, you may not even have to exert that much energy when taking your bags through the airport. Hop is a suitcase of the future that uses your smartphone as a beacon, so it can follow right alongside you like a little robot pet.

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