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Groom brings his virtual girlfriend to his wedding, bride kills virtual girlfriend

There are people out there who love dating sims like Love Plus. Some people love their virtual boyfriends or girlfriends so much that they swear off human love forever. One guy with a virtual girlfriend got married to a real human, but apparently only under the condition that the bride got to smash his Love Plus cartridge.

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IHC Game Reviews: Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 1st Love Plus

By Crystal “The Uniblogger” Nehler

So, if you could tell from my Catherine Review, I enjoy strange nichey Japanese games with a romantic bent. Unfortunately, these are not the things that video game companies think American consumers are looking for in their video games. With the success of games like Catherine or the Persona series, more risks may be taken by companies like Atlus and Aksys.

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Japanese resort town caters to men with virtual LovePlus girlfriends

Love Plus, the crazy jailbait dating sim for the Nintendo DS is fucking insanely popular in Japan, and by insanely popular, I mean insanely popular with mental otaku who forsake all other opposite sex attraction to stay at home with their virtual teenage girlfriends. It’s so popular that the resort town of Atami is now specifically catering to the Love Plus otaku market. You know, for when you want to take your DS and your jailbait body pillow somewhere nice for the weekend.

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Love Plus, the Japanese dating sim now available in arcade flavor

Love Plus is a Japanese dating sim for the Nintendo DS that has an absolutely rabid fan following— as in at least one guy tried to legally marry his Love Plus girlfriend, and the Konami game is now available as an arcade game, for when you like to have a little voyeuristic public fling with your virtual jailbait girlfriend.


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