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Teaser trailer for the new season of Louie is very Woody Allen-esque

And yet, it kinda sums up the vibe of the whole show. New season starts Monday, May 5th, AKA Cinco de Mayo, AKA a celebration of Louis CK’s Mexicanness.

Louis CK’s latest show ‘Oh My God’ is available from his website for $5

If you need something funny to watch and/or listen to, last week, Louis CK made his latest show, ‘Oh My God’ available for purchase via his website. It was recorded at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, and has an additional 12 minutes of material not shown on the version you’d see on HBO. Five dollars.


That time in the 1990s when Louis CK made toilet art for MTV

In this early ‘90s clip, Louis takes a jab at MTV saying, “Basically, see, MTV will show you a lot of crap, and they’ll tell you it’s art.” Truer today than ever.


The show was so much better live, but dammit if I didn’t laugh my ass off again last night.

Louis CK announces his new special, ‘Oh My God’

Yes, ladies and gents… time for some more Louis CK.

Mondays suck, have some Louis CK wisdom

Mondays are kind of a drag, so why not inspire (or depress) yourself with the annotated wisdom of Louis CK? From kids to advertising to the stupidity of the masses to losing your hair, Louis has advice on just about everything.


IHC After Dark: Louis CK explains historical context in regards to race

And Jay Leno is way the fuck out of his league. Poor Jay.

Saturday morning cartoons: Charlie Brown as Louis CK

From Fox’s ADHD, here’s what the show Louie would look like with Charlie Brown and his crew.

And this is how Louis CK shuts down a heckler

Granted, the heckler doesn’t sound like the brightest bulb on the block, but it’s still hilarious to hear Louis destroy the poor guy’s little world.

Submitted by Delsyd

Tony Hawk interviews Louis CK about Dane Cook, Reddit and Louie

Louis CK is always good for an entertaining interview, but last week I didn’t think I’d see him being in an interview with Tony Hawk. Here ya go.

Submitted by Delsyd

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