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Teaser trailer for the new season of Louie is very Woody Allen-esque

And yet, it kinda sums up the vibe of the whole show. New season starts Monday, May 5th, AKA Cinco de Mayo, AKA a celebration of Louis CK’s Mexicanness.

Saturday morning cartoons: Charlie Brown as Louis CK

From Fox’s ADHD, here’s what the show Louie would look like with Charlie Brown and his crew.

On Louie, Dane Cook gets a chance to confront Louis CK

On last week’s episode of Louie, in typical awkward and raw but funny as hell fashion, Louis CK goes back stage to talk to Dane Cook to see if he can score some Lady Gaga tickets for his daughter and ends up getting his ass chewed out. You see, some years ago, Louis CK implied heavily that Dane Cook had stolen some jokes from him and Dane Cook is very much not happy about it. Oh, just watch the clip. It’s fucking fantastic.

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"Louie" is coming back for a second season, here’s a promo

In June, Louis CK’s starting the second season of his hilarious and raw FX show “Louie”, and here’s Mr. CK himself putting together a quick and dirty promo to let you know when the new season starts. Set your DVRs and hope the second season is just as brilliant as the first.


How Louis CK shoots and edits his own show

Louis CK’s new show “Louie” on FX has received rave reviews for both its humor its raw, personal uncomfortableness blended seamlessly into one another. And part of that close personal touch has to do with the fact that Louis CK not only acts in the show and writes it, but he also directs and edits it himself.

And his editing device of choice? After the show is shot on a handheld RED digital video camera, he edits the entire show on his 13” MacBook. If you’ve ever seen the show, it’s honestly the only way I could imagine it happening— Louis pours his heart out and then spends hours in a dark room, hunched over his laptop putting it all together. 

You can listen to him talk about his editing process here or watch a video of the same section of the podcast, only in video form here on Gizmodo.

Morning Lulz: The Poker Scene from Louis CK’s new show “Louie”

Louis CK’s new show “Louie” started on FX a couple weeks ago— and if you haven’t seen it, it really is probably the best new show on TV. If you’re in the US, you can catch the first two episodes on Hulu. If you’re not in the US, this clip that Louis CK put on his personal YouTube channel is all you get for now. Ha! Suck it rest of the world.

The writing and the production value definitely looks lightyears beyond “Lucky Louie” and I’m just as happy as a pig in shit that Jim Norton’s back.


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