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British soldier brutally hacked to death in broad daylight by terrorists in London

While many radical Islamic terrorists prefer using explosives, a pair of men who identify themselves as fighting for Islam brutally hacked a British soldier to death in broad daylight with knives and meat cleavers in southwest London. After the murder, the men chatted with reporters, encouraged bystanders to take photos and then attacked police who arrived on the scene.

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London rail project unveils a medieval bubonic plague graveyard in the middle of the city

A section of rail project for the London Crossrail had to be halted when archaeologists discovered a huge cache of ancient human skeletons that seem to be a hastily put-together body pit for victims of the Black Death around 1349. There could be as many as 50,000 individuals scattered across the site.

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Princess Mononoke coming to the stage next year

Studio Ghibli’s got a lot of great movies in its resume, but one of its most beloved, and one of the movies that introduced a lot of Americans to contemporary Japanese anime, Princess Mononoke, is going to be turned into a theater production. The show opens next April in London, but I hope it tours in the US as well.

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London theater is employing volunteer ninjas to shut people up

People talking and/or using their cell phones during a movie is annoying no matter where you are, but most theaters let other moviegoers take care of the work of shutting people up. One theater in London is taking a different approach… with ninjas.

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Floating London airport could be the airport futurists have been dreaming about for decades

Just look at that gorgeous concept for the proposed London Britannia Airport. It looks like something out of Doctor Who, from London in the year 2100. And it could be a reality, if it gets approval from the British government. The proposed airport is an alternative to another expansion of Heathrow, already the busiest airport in the world.

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Photos from the crazy, quirky and very British Olympic opening ceremonies

There was a working lush British countryside with sheep and peasants, there was an army of Mary Poppins fighting a giant Voldemort, there was a celebration of the Industrial Revolution, and of British culture, history and literature… and for some reason David Beckham driving a speedboat.

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Daily Discussion: You watching the Olympics? What events are you looking forward to?

Even though the opening ceremony for the London Olympics isn’t until tomorrow, the competition started a couple days ago with soccer. And this year, every single event will be streamed either through the BBC or NBC (in the US), on TV, on the web and through smartphone apps. So are you going to be watching? What events are you looking forward to?

Why the City of London is not the city named London

C.G.P. Grey explains why The City of London is not the city named London, but rather a city within a city within a country within a country.


Reuters setting up radio controlled cameras to take Olympic photos where humans can’t go

As if it’s not enough that this year’s Olympics in London will be in HD and 3D and Super Hi-Vision and holograms and shit, Reuters is currently busy rigging Olympic stadiums with radio controlled cameras to get views of the action that human photographers can’t.

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The Shard opens in London, officially Europe’s tallest skyscraper

Unlike the US or east Asia, Europe isn’t generally known for its collection of massive skyscrapers. But when “The Shard” officially opened in London yesterday, Great Britain now has the honor of having the tallest skyscraper in Europe. 

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Check out the BBC’s beautiful animated intro to the 2012 London games

While I was hoping for some old eel-monger saying “Allo guv! Welcome to Londontown!”, this works out much better.

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