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Loki arguing with children is adorable as hell

If there was any doubt that Tom Hiddleston was the best super villain ever, let them now be quashed.

Tom Hiddleston does his impersonation of Samuel L. Jackson as Loki

After entertaining fans with his impersonation of Owen Wilson as Loki, Hiddleston went and brought out the Samuel L. Jackson.

Tom Hiddleston does his impersonation of Owen Wilson as Loki

While doing a Q&A at Popcorn Taxi, Tom Hiddleston falls into his impersonation of Loki, had he been played by Owen Wilson.

Loki makes a surprise appearance at the Marvel SDCC panel

Also, Marvel announced the official title of Avengers 2 will be ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’. This is interesting, because most people assumed Thanos would be the big bad guy in Avengers 2, but instead, it looks like the sequel will draw from The Age of Ultron limited series, which is a fairly recent storyline.

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New Avengers set pics show Loki… waiting outside a restaurant for a table?

Some new set photos and video of The Avengers currently shooting in Cleveland don’t reveal much about the story other than to solidly confirm that Loki is at least one of the bad guys in the film. But he’s not really doing a lot here other than standing around outside what looks like an expensive restaurant. I wonder how often Tom Hiddleston gets those horns snagged on things on set.

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