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IHC After Dark: Craig Ferguson on why everything sucks

Well put Mr Ferguson. Now that I know this was all Don Draper’s fault, it makes me reconsider ripping Fireball shots on my 40th birthday surrounded by gorgeous 25 year old idiot gold-diggers in Scottsdale…  What would Don Draper do?

Your entire short lifespan illustrated in jelly beans by ZeFrank

Damn, that doesn’t look like a whole lot of jelly beans. Brb, doing something meaningful.

Daily Discussion: How’s life?

We haven’t had a daily discussion in a while… hell, the content on the site has been pretty minimal as of late, but I’ll get back on the ball once life gets back to normal. How are you?

Daily Discussion: Advice you would give to kids these days

Damn kids these days with their heads full of texting and Pokemons… what advice would you give to a younger person? It could be advice about life or sex or whatever. You’re the grown-up, teach these kids something.

Today may have been my worst day ever

My girlfriend and I broke up on Easter when I suspected that she cheated on me, she posted pics the next day of her with the guy. 

I woke up and my power was off this morning.

I went to go pay the bill and car wouldn’t start (beat the starter with hammer) and drove to bank.

Get to bank, money won’t clear wait 2 hours for an over draft approval so I can pay electric.

Car doesn’t start again. repeat

Pay bill, go to school, some kid spills my drink all over me and my phone, phone dies.  

Go to car, it starts, drive home and cry like little girl.  Watch viceguide Liberia….feel better about my life.  

Moral, it could be worse.

Mondays suck, have some Louis CK wisdom

Mondays are kind of a drag, so why not inspire (or depress) yourself with the annotated wisdom of Louis CK? From kids to advertising to the stupidity of the masses to losing your hair, Louis has advice on just about everything.


Daily Discussion: The meaning of life

Do think there is a reason for your existence? For human existence? Any sort of sense to be made of it all?

Daily Discussion: So how’s your week been?

God, this week seems like it’s going so slow. Last night when I got home from work, I was greeted with water coming into the laundry area in my apartment from the unit above, fucking up the ceiling and making me paranoid about someone else’s washing machine crashing through into my apartment. So how’s your week been?

Daily Discussion: The little things in life…

Yesterday, I was standing outside and saw a person across the street pull out of a parking lot with a full drink on the roof of their car. I love it when that happens. And with the anticipation of Christmas morning, I watched, as the driver completely unaware, pulled into the street with the giant cup teetering over the driver’s side section of the car and as soon as the sped up SPLOOSH it went crashing down and back across the car.

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