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Life may have evolved in the universe billions of years before Earth

Just because the only signs of extraterrestrial life we’ve found so far has been iffy remains of ancient Martian bacteria doesn’t mean that life is something exclusive to Earth. A new study co-authored by a geneticist at the National Institutes of Health concludes that life originated elsewhere in the Universe around 9.8 billion years ago – roughly five-billion years before the Earth was even formed.

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Quantum Life: How Physics Can Revolutionise Biology

Theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili gives this fascinating lecture on the interaction between biochemistry and quantum mechanics. The topic is pretty interesting, and Jim is great at explaining some of the key ideas of quantum physics in layman’s terms.

Moment of Morgan Freeman zen: “Is the Universe Alive?”

In this episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, it’s all about life life everywhere, and whether the universe as a whole is “alive”.

Teller’s Secrets to Life and Magic

A great piece by Brian Brushwood on how Teller of Penn & Teller gave him the tips and the knowledge to be a successful stage magician and the be happy in life. Who knew that Teller was the wise old man on the top of the mountain with the answers to everything?

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Life began 3 billion years ago with a planetary mega-organism

When life was still forming in the chemically rich pools of early Earth, it perhaps wasn’t quite life as we know it, with individual organisms competing against each other but perhaps a giant planet-wide mega-organism that freely shared components of life amongst each other, and this mega-organism was named LUCA, or Last Universal Common Ancestor.

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