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Denny’s in Las Vegas has a built-in wedding chapel, in case you want marriage with that Grand Slam

If you find yourself one day drunk and hungry and wanting to get hitched in Vegas, there’s no shortage of places, but only at Denny’s can you get married while having a Grand Slamwich.

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IHC After Dark: “Dreams and Love”

A collage of love, life, dreams and music in Downtown Las Vegas

IV drip bus helps alleviate your Vegas hangovers

Las Vegas loves to drink, and every morning, I would guess that most of the tourist population of Vegas wakes up with some sort of hangover. So there’s a market. A market for a roving bus that gives out hydration IVs to help alleviate hangovers.

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The time Las Vegas almost got a full-sized Star Trek Enterprise in the middle of town

Las Vegas is a city that loves big, flashy, impressive and gawdy. It’s got miniature cities, a giant black pyramid and more neon lights in one small strip than much of the US combined. And in 1992, Vegas almost had a gigantic, full size USS Enterprise dominating an already crazy skyline.

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Need something to do today in Las Vegas? How about some KISS themed mini golf?

Today is the grand opening of a KISS themed mini golf center in Las Vegas… because that’s just the kind of place Vegas is. So if you’re in Vegas and you’ve gotten bored with the casinos and hand jobs and magicians and you want to roll a tiny ball up Gene Simmons’ freakishly large tongue, check it out. Take pictures. Submit them.

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A satellite view of Las Vegas sprawl from 1974 to today

In honor of Landsat 5’s 28th birthday on March 1st, here’s how the desert city of Las Vegas has gone through a massive growth spurt. The outward expansion of the city is shown in a false-color time lapse of data from all the Landsat satellites.


Las Vegas man has 100 lb scrotum, can’t afford $1 mil for surgery

Everyone likes to make jokes about someone having giant balls for one thing or another or not having the sack for this or that, but if you actually had a 100 pound ball sack, like 47 year old Wesley Warren Jr. of Las Vegas, Nevada, it wouldn’t be something to laugh about. Okay, it’s kind of funny, but kind of not. I don’t want to carry around a 100 pound scrote.

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Las Vegas company gives adults a giant sandbox to play in

It’s a great marketing idea— take a giant sand pit, charge people a fee to drive around earth-moving construction equipment and watch the profits roll in. Or so they hope. I’ve never driven any machines like that, and it looks fun, but I don’t know if this would be near the top of my must-see list in Vegas.


Batman gets his ass beaten on the Vegas strip

See, that’s the brilliance of Batman… he only appears to fight like a little bitch to trap his foes. Or something like that.


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