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The Kinect 2 will be accurate enough to be able to read lips

Microsoft is already working on the next generation of Kinect, a device they say will be so accurate it will be able to read lips, detect player emotions and determine which direction players are facing. It’s expected that the Kinect 2 will come bundled with future Xbox consoles.

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NSK develops a Kinect-powered robotic seeing eye dog

Real-life seeing eye dogs are pretty reliable and work pretty well, so why create a robotic seeing eye dog? I don’t know. Maybe you need a seeing eye dog on Mars or in a dangerous war zone or if you have the need for a seeing eye dog through a cloud of noxious chemicals or something. In any case, NSK is working on such a robotic seeing eye dog with the help of Kinect technology.

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Kinect for Windows is coming soon. When? Soon.

It’s been nearly a year since the Kinect debuted for the Xbox 360 and now Microsoft is ready to roll out Kinect for Windows at some point, with a developer’s SDK reaching beta 2 and an official Kinect for Windows website having gone up.

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Kinect Champion Jockey will make you look and feel like a total mouthbreathing moron

As if flailing your arms around isn’t enough abject humiliation to suffer while playing a video game, Kinect Champion Jockey asks you to squat and bounce in front of your TV like a constipated dog. Sounds like fun for the whole family.


Kinect hack of the day: Using Kinect to control a robot cyborg zombie

According to DashHacks, the software part of this design uses a “modified OpenNI programming along with GlovePIE to send WiiMote commands to the cyborg such as jaw and torso movement along with MorphVOX to create the voice for the cybernetic monstrosity.” As pointed out in the video, this robotic zombie also has a “pause” feature, and a feature to loop movements like what would be done at an amusement park.


Kinect hack turns a shopping cart into a faithful shopping companion

In what could be one of the more real-world useful Kinect hacks, Luis Carlos Inácio de Matos has unveiled the wi-GO robotic shopping cart. Using the visual sensing powers of the Kinect, a laptop, and a motorized platform, the wi-GO follows its owner like a faithful dog. Users can then use the built-in shopping basket to carry their items as they go through the store. De Matos intends the wi-GO to help people who, because of disability or any other reason, might have difficulty navigating a store with a shopping cart or carrying their purchases.


E3 2011: Fruit Ninja is coming to Kinect. I’m getting worn out just thinking about it

As I try to keep up with the tsunami of news coming out of E3 every day, I have to pick and choose what to cover when, and this becomes a highly subjective process— so I pick games that I know or I like or that are popular. And I fucking love Fruit Ninja, right now only available on iOS. But yesterday, it was announced that Fruit Ninja is coming to Kinect, and I can only be thankful that I don’t have a Kinect, because I’m pretty sure this would only lead to me breaking bones and furniture as I flail around the living room.

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E3 2011: Microsoft press conference round-up

As expected, when Microsoft took the stage at E3 this morning in LA, there was no new hardware announcement, but there was plenty of software to talk about, especially with some changes to the Xbox dashboard and Kinect.

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At PAX East, a Trekker dances his ass off to Bel Biv Devoe

Because that’s pretty much what the song “Poison” is good for. Dancing your ass off like you just don’t care.


Garry’s Mod being controlled by a Kinect

So how long has this taken? Shouldn’t this have been one of the first things someone tried with a hacked Kinect before air guitar or Minecraft sculptures? 


A Kinect plus a 3D printer equals miniature yous

There’s been tons of neat Kinect hacks in the past several months, and 3D printing has been the cool maker’s tool of choice as it’s become more affordable. And now one project is making tiny 3D printed people using information from a hacked Kinect.

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Dad accidentally punches the shit out of his little girl while playing Kinect

YOU GOT KNOCKED DAFUGGOUT! (Fast forward almost all the way to the end, around 1:15)

What do you get when you combine a Kinect sensor and Minecraft? Pure awesome!

When geek worlds collide: Using a Kinect hack to create giant sculptures of yourself in Minecraft

Creating a gigantic monument to yourself in Minecraft just got a hell of a lot easier, with a hell of a lot less actual mining with a Kinect hack that takes color and depth information and translates it into a massive 3D Minecraft sculpture.

Nathan Viniconis has figured out a way to take the depth and colour data Kinect is able to pick up from a 3D space and get Minecraft to work out not only how to recreate the image as a collection of the game’s trademark tiles, but even take a stab at getting the right coloured elements to match the colours in the image.

You can read the very detailed instructions on how this works here


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