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Microsoft announces a Kinect-free Xbox One for $400

Even though Microsoft has insisted time and time again since the Xbox One was announced that Kinect integration in every game for every console would be essential, and that they would never sell an Xbox One without a Kinect, today they went back on that and said they’ll be offering a version of the Xbone without a Kinect for $400. This puts it as the same price as the PS4, and it’s something they kinda had to do, considering Sony has pushed 7 million PS4s compared to Xbox’s 5 million. 

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Microsoft releases a cheat sheet of all the dirty, dirty things you can say to your Xbox One Kinect

If you’ve got an Xbox One, or are planning on getting one, you can probably figure out pretty easily that you can tell your console things like “Xbox turn off” or “Xbox watch TV”, but just so you’re not babbling on trying to ask your Xbox to advise you of the best place to bury a dead body or pleading with it to unlock hot coffee modes, Microsoft recently released a full list of Kinect voice and motion commands.

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Could the NSA use the Xbox Kinect to spy on you?

If you’re worried about the American government snooping into your emails, text messages and phone calls, you might not want to get an Xbox with Kinect or your paranoia about the government watching you fap might go through the roof. 

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Kinect wants to replace your mouse and controller with more fisting and fingering

Right now, you can use your voice and arm gestures to interact with your Xbox if you have a Kinect. In the near future, Kinect technology will let you control your Xbox or PC with hand gestures, such as pinching and zooming in thin air, Vulcan salutes and I suppose virtual donkey punches and shockers.

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Dead Space 3 for Kinect will come with profanity-triggered commands

Ever since video games were invented, playing them has often come with a healthy dose of profanity. In the Xbox Kinect version of Dead Space 3, you’ll be able to trigger certain commands with that filthy mouth of yours. No one’s going to tell you what triggers what… you’ll just have to hurl fucks, motherfucks, shits, tits, donkey punches and cunts at the screen til something happens.


Fuck bitches up with DragonBall Z for Kinect

I’m not really big on DragonBall Z, but if you are, here’s a look at the upcoming DragonBall Z game for Xbox 360 Kinect. It’s over 9000 or something.

Dragonball Z for Kinect will have you flailing around like a hyperactive 10 year old

But isn’t that what Kinect is all about? At least they don’t waste your time with fucking dance contests like Star Wars Kinect. Just face punching as ass kicking.


Microsoft’s transparent concept PC lets you touch apps in 3D space

Even though it seems that we’re getting closer to the post-PC world, there will always be uses for new innovations in desktops and console computers. In this concept, Microsoft uses a Kinect and a transparent 3D display to create a 3D desktop, navigated with motion control.

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Kinect Star Wars lets you dance in a slave Leia costume like you’ve always wanted

Everybody wants to be slave Leia, but not everyone can look good in a slave Leia bikini. I know some of you, both guys and girls try really hard to pull it off, but you just can’t. Thankfully, Kinect Star Wars will let you shake your virtual Carrie Fisher boo-tay like you knew you always could.

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Deal of the Day: Kinect plus Kinect games for $99

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Kinect, you might be interested to know that right now, you can get a Kinect plus some Kinect games for $99. You can either get a Kinect with Kinect Adventures or a Kinect with Fruit Ninja and Gunstringer for under a Franklin before tax and shipping.

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Microsoft Kinect for Windows released, supports 4 sensors on one computer

If you’re waiting to try out Windows for Kinect, maybe if you’re a developer and you want to see what it can do, Kinect for Windows is officially out, as is the Windows Kinect SDK. Windows for Kinect supports up to four sensors per computer, which should give developers plenty to work with.

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Kinect sensors being tested for use in Windows laptops

With Kinect for Windows, Microsoft has made it clear that their motion control technology isn’t just a kiddie gimmick. And now it appears that computer manufacturers are starting to test how Kinect sensors will work in laptops. Hopefully, your laptop of the future will be able to detect your “Meh” face and direct you towards porn that’s more your speed.

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CES 2012: Kinect is coming to Windows February 1st

Diablo III may not be coming in February, but something almost as exciting is (sort of whooo). Clear out some space in front of your PC, because on February 1st, Kinect will be available for Windows. Solitaire with a sweep of the hand, PowerPoint with a wag of the ass, spreadsheets with the wink of an eye. 

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When the Xbox 360 dashboard changes go live tomorrow, it will come with voice and motion Kinect controls

When the big visual overhaul to the Xbox 360 dashboard goes live tomorrow, it will not only bring the 360 dashboard in line with Microsoft’s Metro UI cross platform standard, but it will allow you to use your Kinect to control the dashboard through motion and voice.

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Czech students build a Kinect-powered sandbox

Two students at the Czech Republic’s University of West Bohemia have put together an interactive sandbox called the SandyStation using a Kinect hack and a big pile of sand. The Kinect sensor looks down on the sand and measures the topography, while a projector highlights different elevations with different colors to represent hills, mountains or water, depending on elevation.


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