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COVr iPhone case could help you take much better candid phone photos

Sure, there’s always a creepy use for everything, but one of the reasons I’ve resisted buying any “real” camera larger than than a smartphone is that I really like the kinds of amazing slices of life you can get from people in public (Check out my random people candids from my first trip to LA here and here) People make so many great faces, but as soon as they know you’re taking a picture, the magic is lost when they smile or run or whatever. That’s where the COVr iPhone case comes in. With a high quality glass mirror angled next to your phone’s camera, you can snap photos with your phone horizontally to the ground, like you’re just-a-checkin-your-texts-la-la-la. That is, if it’s funded on Kickstarter. 

Help make this awesome thing a reality

Kickstarter of the day: Bicycle Dia de los Muertos playing cards

There are still many months to go before Day of the Dead celebrations kick off across Central and South America, but playing card maker Bicycle is nearly to its $10,000 goal of creating a gorgeous Day of the Dead themed deck. And I mean it is fucking gorgeous. Follow the Kickstarter link through to see all of the cool Dia de los Muertos extras you get if you’re a backer.

Kickstarter link

Edgar Allen Poe playing cards, for the more discerning poker player.

Currently vying for funding on Kickstarter is a set of beautifully drawn Edgar Allen Poe playing cards. 25 days to go and it’s around 40% of its funding goal, so if you’re a Poe fan, feel the Christmas spirit and chip in a few bucks.


Roadie is the next generation of guitar tuning tools

Sure, you can use your cheap little clip on digital tuner, or maybe you’ve got the skill to tune guitars for any key by ear. But for smart, automatic guitar tuning, Roadie is going to be launching later this year after Kickstarter funding goes through. You stick the device on the tuning pegs, pair it with the Roadie smartphone app, and it tunes each string to perfect pitch. 

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Bicycle Panties Make Biking Easier on Sensitive Ladybits (video)

Urbanist Cycling just rolled out their new padded bicycle panties on Kickstarter - and it’s such a good idea I can’t believe it’s not already a thing. Also: panties. Enjoy!

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IHCer Kickstarter project: The Blue Green Box

The Blue Green Box is plant growing system for your 10-gallon freshwater aquarium. It’s the easiest and friendliest aquaponics system, using your fish tank to create a spectacular bit of nature in your abode.

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Kickstarter of the day: Handibot is a smart, portable handheld CNC tool

CNC equipment is generally really large, really really expensive and really stationary. But the Handibot takes all the power of computer guided woodworking equipment and makes it portable and smart and incredibly awesome. And to make it easier, Handibot will be backed by a series of apps to let you carve out any number of patterns in the same way that you can download pre-made models for a 3D printer without having a whit of 3D modeling experience.

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IHCer Kickstarter of the day: Poker Smash

Heya IHC! One of the games I helped alpha for awhile back called Poker Smash is trying to get ported over to steam. Its the old “Matchup” formula, but the twist is it uses poker hands instead of just shapes and colors. If you liked Tetris attack, Panel de Pon, or Pokemon Puzzle League, its right up your alley. 8 bucks gets you a DRM free install AND a steam key.

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IHCer comic book Kickstarter: Dragon Slayer

Hey I Heart Chaos! You guys have been kind enough to post my stuff on the site twice before (here and here), so I thought I’d send my newest project your way as you or your audience might be interested in it.

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Kickstarter of the day: Southern Gothic Vampsploitation film ‘Carbon-Based Blues’

Hey! Just wanted to let you folks know about our little, independent horror project: Carbon-Based Blues. Completely practical F/X, completely Bloody, and made by real horror fans! Check it out if you will… we’re in need of some last-minute love…

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Kickstarter of the day: Zombie Shuffle Card Game

A friend of mine just started a Kickstarter campaign for a brainchild of his, a Zombie card game.  He’s pretty excited about it, so I thought I would pimp it to fellow I<3Cers.

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Kickstarter for a short story collection by A. Lee Martinez

Kickstarter for a short story collection by A. Lee Martinez.

From his description:

For years, I’ve been asked to write sequels to my various science fiction and fantasy novels, but in a world where taking chances in media is increasingly rare, I was always happy to offer standalone novels.  But with my tenth book coming out this year, I feel like I’ve established myself as a unique writer.

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Kickstarter campaign created to build X-wing squadron to take out the Kickstarter Death Star

After the White House shot down the idea of the US building a Death Star, the idea went to Kickstarter, with a long-term goal of $850,000,000,000,000 for full funding and a short term goal of $31 million. And in case that Death Star gets built, there’s now a campaign to raise money to build an X-wing squadron to take it out.

So far, the X-wing project has $162,000 of its modest $11 million goal, so I think we know who’s gonna win this showdown… the motherfucking Alliance.


Apple changes its mind on the POP charger, changes its Lightning connector guidelines

The resurection of the POP charger is the first of its kind, as Apple actually went back on its word and is allowing the kickstarted project to go through with its initial plan. This means they’re changing their own guidelines to allow Lightning connectors in charging devices next to other non-Lightning connectors. 

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