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Minuum wants to be your preferred minimalistic keyboard of the future

Type anywhere with Minuum, the little keyboard for big fingers. Minuum is a touchscreen keyboard app, soon to be available for Android, that saves you screen space while maintaining speed and accuracy. The simplicity of the Minuum keyboard also enables an unlimited number of new ways that you can type on wearable devices, game controllers, and more.

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Logitech’s new washable keyboard can take almost any liquid you can throw at it

Water or liquid resistant keyboards are nothing new, but Logitech’s new K310 keyboard claims to be nearly impervious to almost any non-corrosive liquid you can throw at it. Spill your drink on it, soap it up, toss it in the pool, sacrifice a goat over it, wash it again and it’s still perfectly fine.

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Apple files a patent for a keyless keyboard. They would.

Steve Jobs hates buttons like most people hate having their balls set on fire. The iPhone, the iPad, every version of the Apple mouse has had the absolute minimal number of clicky parts. But keyboards… you really can’t get away with a keyboard without keys without it sucking royally. But Apple recently got a patent signed for one, so they might give it a shot.

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IHC After Dark: The Yamaha DJX

Musical Interface Digital Interface shows us how to lay down the groove with the ultimate, all-in-one dance keyboard - the new DJX!  

CBZ: Is that Brett Domino again?

Useless Xmas gift of the day: Soundproof keyboard cover

If you work in an office with people with clacky keyboards and it drives you craaaazy, you can always get them a Christmas gift that’s ineffective, bound to piss them off and is probably really uncomfortable. The soundproof keyboard cover!

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Computer keyboard contest gone wrong in Russia

Really, how hard is it to toss a keyboard?


The Optimus Maximus OLED Keyboard Now Has A Skinnier Brother Called The Popularis

Years ago, a beautiful prototype design of a keyboard with OLED screens on every key emerged out of Russia and the tech world debated its existence. It turned out that the Optimus Maximus keyboard was real, though it was also really expensive. Now it has a follow-up, a skinnier keyboard called the Popularis.

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