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The unfinished documentary about Tim Burton’s unfinished Nic Cage Superman movie, written by Kevin Smith, finally gets a trailer

Ooooh, I want to see.

Check out the first trailer for Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’

Kevin Smith is trying horror again, this time with a story about a journalist with an obsession for an adventurer with an obsession with walruses.

Kevin Smith has seen the new Bat-suit and loves it, but he also liked Daredevil

In the latest Smodcast, Kevin Smith revealed that he’s seen Ben Affleck in his Bat-suit for Batman vs. Superman and he absolutely fucking loves it. However, he was also a big fan of Affleck in Daredevil, so there’s that.

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According to Kevin Smith’s Instagram, Kevin Smith has started writing Clerks 3. At least the title page.

According to Kevin Smith’s Instagram, Kevin Smith has started writing Clerks 3. At least the title page.


Check out the first trailer for ‘Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes made a super low budget Jay and Silent Bob animated movie and they’re taking it on tour and it looks funny as hell. They’ll tell you all about it.

Kevin Smith hopes to have Clerks 3 out by 2014 in time for the 20th anniversary


Kevin Smith recently amended his movie schedule to include doing a third Clerks movie to finish off his movie career. And with the 20th anniversary of the original Clerks movie coming in 2014, Smith has said that he hopes to have Clerks 3 out that year.

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Kevin Smith explains why he likes Avengers more than The Dark Knight Rises

While I personally really liked The Amazing Spider-Man, and would even call it my favorite Spider-Man movie ever, it couldn’t hold a candle to The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers in terms of sheer scale. Kevin Smith, normally much more of a DC guy, recently explained why out of the this year’s two summer comic book movie juggernauts, he likes The Avengers more.

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Kevin Smith confirms Clerks III is going to happen.

Kevin Smith confirmed today via twitter that Clerks III is in production. Snoochie boochies! Smith had once said his next movie, ‘Hit Somebody’, would be his last movie, but it looks like he’s doing one last Clerks before he’s done.


As it turns out, the Magic Eye picture in Mallrats is neither a sailboat or a schooner

Not like Kevin Smith really gave a shit, because he probably had “it’s a sailboat” written into the script long before some prop person picked up the Magic Eye poster, but in the scene in Mallrats where the character of Willem is spending hours trying to see the hidden image in the Magic Eye picture as everyone around him keeps saying “Oh, I see it! It’s a sailboat!”, it turns out… it’s not a sailboat. 

Ta da. Mystery solved. I know you were worried and concerned.


Here’s a brand new TV promo for Kevin Smith’s new reality show, ‘Comic Book Men’

You may have heard about a reality show Kevin Smith was developing with AMC some time ago. And what was ‘Secret Stash’ is now ‘Comic Book Men’. The show takes place in Smith’s own comic book shop in New Jersey, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. What could have been a fun show full of geekery looks more like something nerdsploitation. Now if it were more like the Smodcast, with Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier and some comic book nerds sitting around getting absolutely blazed and and going completely uncensored on the likes of Aquaman… that would be gold. This? Meh.


Neil Gaiman to provide a narrative voice to an animated Bluntman and Chronic

So Kevin Smith is planning on doing a Bluntman and Chronic cartoon and both Smith and Jason Mewes felt they needed an “Alfred”, or an authoritative narrative voice of reason. So Mewes reaches out to Neil Gaiman on Twitter and Gaiman is all like “yeah sure”. Just like that.

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IHC Movie Reviews: Red State (2011)

While I was out visiting my sister in LA, I was mainly trying to just relax in the wonderful southern California sun, but I didn get one thing IHC-related checked off my list— watching Kevin Smith’s Red State. While he’s promoting the movie around the US in theaters, the film is also currently available for rent on iTunes, so before my journey began, I loaded Red State on ye olde iPad and wiled away a couple hours of uncomfortable flying over the country by watching Kevin Smith’s first shot at a horror movie.

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