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Surveillance video of a restaurant exploding in Kansas City

Fifteen people were critically injured yesterday when a utility worker hit a gas line which was then ignited by kitchen equipment in the restaurant.


Want super fast Kansas City Google Fiber? This guy will let you use his for $49/night

Right now, the superfast Google Fiber internet service is only available in Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS, and it’s only running to homes, not businesses. But one KC couple who want to see the city as a tech hub are renting out a room in their house for $49 a night to tech entrepreneurs who want a taste of the fastest internet speeds available to mortals on this side of the world.

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Sunday Metal Madness: GWAR covers Kansas

And that’s pretty much all there is to say about that.


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Google announces plans and pricing for Google Fiber in Kansas City

Oh Kansas City, you lucky bastards. You’ll soon be able to get free-ish cable from Google or a paid plan with fucking insane bandwidth.

According to the Google Fiber page, which just went up today, if you’re in KC, you can get free broadband internet (free after an installation fee) or gigabit up/down internet or gigabit up/down internet and TV.

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Kansas passes anti-Sharia law law that could also prevent them from passing anti-gay marriage legislation. So that’s a good thing

Kansas is the newest state to pass “anti-Sharia law” legislation, out of some sort of idiotic fear that evil early 1900s movie Muslims are just waiting at our borders with knives in their teeth to take over every nook and cranny of American life with Sharia law. Sure, there are some crazies who have that goal (above), but there are also people who believe they’re Elvis.

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Meet the teenager that fought the governor of Kansas and won

Last week, 18 year old high school student Emma Sullivan of Prairie Village, Kansas, tweeted to her 60 Twitter followers that Kansas governor Sam Brownback sucked, and it’s something that should have mainly gone unnoticed. But it didn’t. 

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Topeka, KS rejoins the 21st century, once again makes it illegal to punch your wife in the face

This is an update to a story that I meant to post but forgot to— a few weeks ago, in order to try and save money, the city of Topeka, Kansas decided they were going to stop prosecuting domestic assault cases. This led to 30 people being caught and released, one person twice. Of course, decriminalizing wife beating doesn’t go over so well and doesn’t make you look like you know what you’re doing, so it wasn’t long before Topeka reversed the decision.

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Congrats to Kansas City on winning super fast fiber internet from Google

Last year, Google announced its plans to wire one city in the US with super fast fiber optic internet, and mayors and citizens alike from around the country sent in letters and videos to make the case that their city should be the ones to win this tech prize. And now, Google’s picked a winner. Congratulations Kansas City, Kansas. Stupid Kansas.

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Kansas man argues that wearing a seatbelt around his waist counts as “wearing a seatbelt”

Every state in the US has laws about wearing a seatbelt while driving, and generally, people understand that “wearing a seatbelt” means using it in the proper manner to restrain yourself in the event of a crash. But Paul Weigand of Kansas, who doesn’t like to wear seatbelts, decided that he would make a belt to wear around his waist and argued in court that this counts as “wearing a seatbelt”.

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Nursing student expelled for posing with placenta on Facebook

A nursing student at Johnson County Community College in Kansas has found herself expelled within months of graduation after she posted pictures of herself posing with placenta on her Facebook page. But I mean what the hell, it’s not like anyone was using it, right? 

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Train in Kansas plows through two feet of snow like it’s nothing


"There’s a horse in that car!"

It’s not just any horse, it’s Rascal the show horse, and riding in the back seat of a sedan is just how he likes to roll.


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