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Green Lanten finds out what Batman’s superpower is in this awesome clip from Justice League: War

In this clip from the upcoming DVD animated film Justice League: War, GL gets a little mouthy with Batman, questioning his superhero credentials until he learns why a mere mortal such as Batman is often one of the most feared members of the Justice League. Justice League: War comes out February 4th.

Joaquin Phoenix as Lex Luthor, and Arrow crossing over into Justice League?

In Batman/Superman and Justice League rumor news, it’s already been confirmed that Batman vs. Superman will be pushed back by 10 months as not to collide directly with Avengers 2 after all. So that means… more rumors! There was a rumor months ago that Bryan Cranston was in talks to play Lex Luthor, but that was all horseshit. Now the rumor has it that Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to play the super-villain. We’ll see. Gail Gadot has signed up for 3 pictures as Wonder Woman, which isn’t surprising— that’s BvS, at least one Justice League and one WW movie. In slightly surprising rumor news, it also sounds like WB is prepping to transition Green Arrow from the TV show Arrow to the Justice League movie intact— kinda the reverse of Agent Coulson going from Avengers to Agents of SHIELD.

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Rumor: Green Lantern getting his Denzel face on for Batman vs Superman?

Going into Batman vs Superman, which DC will then directly lead in Justice League, we’ve already got a Batman and a Superman obviously, and we’ve got a Wonder Woman, but will be also see another JL member in the film? It’s been known for a while that DC wasn’t happy with the performance of the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie, and that they were going to be looking for a new one anyway… so why not move ahead to the John Stewart GL? Rumor has it that’s the direction they’re going, supposedly chit chatting with Denzel Washington for the role. That may not be true, but it makes sense for them to go with the John Stewart Lantern even if it’s not Denzel.

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David Goyer confirms all new Batman will be in Justice League film


When DC announced it was working on a Justice League movie, one of the many questions was whether or not Christopher Nolan’s most recent version of Batman would be in the film or whether it would be a new Batman entirely. Man of Steel writer David Goyer confirmed that Nolan’s Batman is indeed in his own universe and when Justice League happens, it will be an entirely new Bruce Wayne.

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Chris Nolan could be taking over as godfather of the DC movie universe

This summer, DC has Man of Steel coming out, produced by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder. After that, their next big project will be a Justice League movie… the problem is that unlike Marvel, DC’s movie division doesn’t have a unified vision. But if the rumors are true, it looks like they’re holding on to Chris Nolan to hold on to the DC movie tentpole.

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The fate of DC’s Justice League movie might depend on how well Man of Steel does at the box office

DC is quite a few years late in trying to match Marvel’s giant movie comic book universe, but they’re seem committed to trying, saying that the 2015 Justice League movie will be the tentpole under which all the other DC character films will branch from. But with disappointing box office number for anything that’s not Batman recently, the entire fate of the Justice League film could rest of Man of Steel not tanking.

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DC releases the main Justice League movie character roster

If all goes according to plan, DC will have a Justice League movie in theaters in the summer of 2015, the same summer as Avengers 2. While details are slowly trickling out of pre-production, it looks like we’ve got a list of main characters that will grace the big screen.

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Could Joseph Gordon Levitt be making a cameo in Man of Steel?

DC has only a few years to try and do with Justice League what Marvel did with The Avengers, but so far it hasn’t really come together in the same way. There were the Christopher Nolan Batman movies and the upcoming Man of Steel Superman movie, but they don’t seem to tie in to a larger Justice League film. Or maybe they do…

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And the major villain for the Justice League movie probably is…

So there’s a spoiler ahead, for the character that looks likely to be the major villain for the Justice League movie. They don’t have a director or writer or major actors, but apparently someone knows who the villain will be and it’s not really that much of a spoiler or a surprise, but if it’s going to ruin it for you, read no further.

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Is Joseph Gordon Levitt going to be playing Batman in the Justice League movie after all?

Whether this is just wild fanboy speculation or something tethered in reality is unknown at this point, but the Justice League movie rumor mill is spinning like a jet engine over rumors that Joseph Gordon Levitt might end up playing Batman in Justice League.

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DC New 52 Justice League #1 will come with cover variants for each of the 50 US states plus DC and Puerto Rico

In February of next year, DC kicks off the new Justice League of America series with a bang. Comic titles sometimes have variant covers, but with JLA #1 launches, it will have a whopping 52 variant covers, one symbolizing each of the 50 states of the US plus DC and Puerto Rico. What, no love for Guam or the Virgin Islands?

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Justice League and Avengers 2 will be fighting it out in theaters in 2015

The summer of 2015 looks like it will be a hell of a time for big, big superhero films. Marvel had already announced that’s when Avengers 2 would be coming out, and now DC has said that their Justice League movie would also be coming out in the summer of 2015. Oh shit… now if they could then do a JL vs Avengers movie in 2016, I could die oh so happy.


Has the Justice League movie found its Batman in Armie Hammer?

Keep in mind that this isn’t official, it’s just movie speculation, but the Justice League movie rumor mill has been talking about a possible casting choice for Batman, since the DC JL movie won’t be in the Chris Nolan universe and won’t star Christian Bale as the Dark Knight. Right now, the most popular rumor choice seems to be Armie Hammer, famous for playing the Winkelvoss twins in The Social Network.

I think Hammer would make a fine Justice League Batman, and I wish DC would hurry up with putting the Justice League movie together. What do you think of this possible casting choice?


Watch this right now: The Justice League of Animals

In this clip from DC Nation, you’ll meet Wonder Wombat, Aquamandrill and The Fish. I want to see hours and hours and hours of this.


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