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I guess you can’t send Rick Rolling’s via Facebook chat anymore (a prompt came up and claimed it was spamming.) WAT?

Australian billionaire wants to build a real life Jurassic Park, kinda

While it may not be possible to clone dinosaurs that have been dead for millions of years, one Australian billionaire wants to do the next best thing— a Jurassic Park like theme park populated with advanced life sized robotic dinos. Hell, many of the dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park movie were animatronic, so it could work, and it would be far safer than the real thing.

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Jurassic Park re-created in Minecraft

It took four months, but this guy re-created all of Jurassic Park in Minecraft. Clever.

After lunch toons: “Jurassic Park: Really Clever Girl”

Never trust velociraptors, even with all their cleverness.

Morning mashups: Star Wars vs. Jurassic Park

Who knew the audio from Jurassic Park went so well with Star Wars?

Indie director Colin Trevorrow hired to direct Jurassic Park 4

Jurassic Park 4 is officially happening, and the directorial choice is an interesting one. Colin Trevorrow, whose only full length film directing credit up to this point was the 2012 film ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’, based on an old internet meme about a time traveler. So… maybe?

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Jurassic Life is the Jurassic Park game that should have been

There have been plenty of Jurassic Park games, some which have been pretty crappy and some that have been halfway decent, but until this Half Life 2 mod came along, nothing that’s really the JP game that should have been.


Jurassic Park is coming back to theaters in 3D, and here’s the trailer

Remastered and in 3D, so you’ll have dinosaurs jumping out at your face. Hell, I’ll bite. I’d watch this in theaters. Jurassic Park 3D hits theaters April 5, 2013.

Jurassic Park IV concept art shows a movie that would have been about human/dino hybrids

Even though Jurassic Park III wasn’t all that bad, it was a long shot from the first movie. Had there been a fourth JP film, it would have been about deadly human/dinosaur hybrid creatures.

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DNA degradation may mean re-creating dinosaurs Jurassic Park style may not be possible

While scientists have had some success in getting snippets of DNA from long-frozen woolly mammoths, trying to re-create dinosaurs Jurassic Park style may be impossible. Since DNA is just a nucleic acid, it will degrade over time like any other organic material. For mammoths, the DNA is preserved in ice like the rest of the creature, but once that creature has been dead for tens of millions of years, it turns out that the DNA information may be lost forever. Sorry, no velociraptors for you.

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Australian billionaire wants to build his own Jurassic Park

It’s possible that we may have the technology that seemed so certain in Jurassic Park, to be able to reconstruct ancient dinosaur DNA to bring dinosaurs back to life, but no one right now seems eager to try it. Except for Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who wants to build an informal Jurassic Park in his back yard.

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