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IHC Joke of the Day: This guy comes home from work and his wife isn’t there…

This guy comes home from work one day and his wife isn’t there. At first, he thinks nothing of it. But then a day goes by, then two days, three days, four days go by, and he hears nothing from his wife. On the fifth day, he comes home from work and he finds his wife at the kitchen table, eating some leftovers. He says to his wife, “Where the hell have you been, I’ve been worried sick about you!” She says, “These three guys kidnapped me and made me their sex slave for two whole weeks!” The husband says, “But you’ve only been gone for five days?” The wife says, “Yeah, I know, I just wanted to grab something to eat real quick.”

53 terrible jokes in four minutes

Yes, some of these are pretty bad. You’ve been warned.

A disease that causes people to make jokes and puns constantly

I have a really bad habit of nearly constantly making bad jokes and puns when I’m talking to someone, but it could be worse. I could have the disease that makes it impossible not to make jokes and puns constantly, no matter the subject matter. Yes, there really is such a disease.

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Daily Discussion: “Your Mom” jokes

It’s motherfuckin’ Friday, time for some jokes. Let’s hear your best “your mom” jokes. Ready… set… go!

Daily Discussion: “I like my women like I like my…”

Complete the following popular joke with your own ending or your favorite ending: “I like my women like I like my…”

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So the Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop…

Sigh… the Dalai Lama doesn’t get Buddhist jokes apparently.

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