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IHC Movie Reviews: John Dies at the End (2012)

The film adaptation of John Dies At The End is on demand now, and in theatres later this month. Based on the book of the same name, it’s filled to the brim with weirdness and some truly bizarre visuals. Being adapted from such strange source material is no easy task, but legendary horror director Don Coscarelli was up to the task. So how does it do? Does it faithfully capture the weirdness, or should it have been popped out of existence? 

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Teaser Trailer for Don Coscarelli’s ‘John Dies at the End’

It’s a drug that promises an out-of-body experience with each hit. On the street they call it Soy Sauce, and users drift across time and dimensions. But some who come back are no longer human. Suddenly a silent otherworldly invasion is underway, and mankind needs a hero. What it gets instead is John and David, a pair of college dropouts who can barely hold down jobs. Can these two stop the oncoming horror in time to save humanity? No. No, they can’t. Based on David Wong’s 2007 book. Written & directed by Don Coscarelli(Phantasm I-IV, The Beastmaster, Survival Quest, Bubba Ho-Tep)

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