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Several historians believe this jewel encrusted onyx goblet gathering dust in a Spanish museum is the Holy Grail

Even though the cup that Jesus supposedly drank from at the Last Supper was described by Biblical accounts as a simple onyx goblet, legend has it that after Jesus’s death, the cup was disguised as a much more ornate drinking vessel, where it remained hidden in Israel for hundreds of years, where it was stolen by Muslims in the Middle Ages, given to Christians in Egypt, where it was then given as a gift, centuries later, to King Fernando I of Castile, and then eventually ended up in a museum as “just another jewel encrusted royal goblet”. But now, several historians feel very certain that this cup is the last cup Jesus drank from. It’s like the Holy Grail of Biblical history or something.

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That time Jim Bakker interviewed Colonel Sanders about fried chicken and the good lord

Yeah, you read that right. Just watch the video.

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Rio’s Christ the Redeemer statue loses a finger in a lightning strike. His dad must be pissed.

The gigantic Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, Brazil has been hit by lightning plenty of times before, but last week, lightning blasted Jesus’s hand and blew off part of his thumb. The statue was due for repairs anyway, but what does it mean when God breaks a finger off a giant Jesus statue?

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Brand new Christmas jamz: ItsTheReal “Jews for Jesus Piece”

I’m calling it… this is the new Jingle Bells.

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