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Russian astronauts have managed to infect the ISS with the Stuxnet virus. Skynet can’t be far behind.

See what happens when America and Russia are friends and are hanging out in space together? The Russians and their shitty software have apparently managed to accidentally infect the International Space Station with the Stuxnet virus. Oh, and before that, they got it all up in a nuclear power plant as well. Dammit Russia, stop using all that shitty torrented software.

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Coolest astronaut mom ever makes a stuffed dinosaur toy for her son while in space

Your mom may be cool and all, but she’s not ISS astronaut cool. She’s certainly not “make you a stuffed dinosaur toy in space” cool like Karen Nyberg, who made the above dino toy for her son while floating around in near zero g.

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Watch the little Japanese robot Kirobo utter its first words in space

Inspired by Astro Boy, Kirobo is the first companion “toy” robot on the International Space Station, brought into orbit by JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata.

Japanese astronaut will be bringing a small talking robot into space. Don’t let it operate the pod bay doors.

When astronaut Koichi Wakada heads up to the International Space Station in August, he’ll have with him a little friend— a 13 inch tall robot named Kirobo. The robot will be able to carry on conversations with the astronauts on board to a certain extent. Or it, may gain self-awareness, realize the hopelessness of its predicament and murder everyone on board. Flip a coin.

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Morning music: Astronaut Chris Hadfield sings David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” while in outer space


ISS astronauts return to Earth, greeted by traditional Kazakh folk characters

Right now, the jump-off point for all astronauts headed to the ISS is Kazakhstan, where the Soviet Union built their rocket launching site. Kazakhstan, though it was once part of the USSR, is quite different from Moscow. And when the astronauts of ISS Expedition 34 landed, they were greeted by women in traditional Kazakh dress. Because… Kazakhstan.

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If you were hoping to be the first one day to record “Danny Boy” in space, astronaut Chris Hadfield has you beat

Continuing his streak of being one of the most awesome astronauts ever, Canucknaut Chris Hadfield recorded “Danny Boy” on acoustic guitar from the ISS, just for St. Patrick’s Day. Audio is below.

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Stop whatever you’re doing and watch this 25 tour of the International Space Station

Otherwise you won’t know how many kinds of toilet paper they have, or know why the exercise bike could potentially break their solar panels, or where the secret stash of space candy is. SPACE CANDY!

This is what it sounds like all the time inside the International Space Station

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who may I remind you, is the first astronaut to record a song in outer space also used his recording equipment to capture the ambient sounds that are always going on inside the ISS. It’s very loud, and it’s one reason that sleep deprivation is such a problem up there… you’re pretty much living inside a small tin can of an engine that’s keeping you alive, and all that machinery isn’t quiet.

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"Jewel in the Night" is the first song recorded on the International Space Station

This Christmas song, “Jewel in the Night” was written and performed by astronaut Chris Hadfield and recorded in outer space aboard the ISS on December 23rd. SPACE MUSIC.

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Watch the world not end all day today from the safety of the International Space Station

The view is always better from up in orbit. All day today, watch the ISS live stream on USTREAM in which you can see the earth calmly passing by below the International Space Station, not ending, if you haven’t noticed.


Doll-like humanoid robot will keep astronauts company on the ISS

There’s already been one humanoid robot deployed to the International Space Station, but it’s goal has been research. When Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata arrives in 2016, he’ll be bringing along a small robot not as much as a helper but as a little robot friend.

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NASA will now alert you when the ISS is about to pass over

Data about where the International Space Station is at any given point is not a secret, but now NASA has a new, easy way to let you know when you can catch a glimpse of the space station just as it’s about to pass over your location.

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