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Rob Cohen to direct an action movie about Sir Isaac Newton

With Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opening a little later this summer, it looks like ass-kicking, historical persons as action stars. Director Rob Cohen (Fast and Furious) has partnered with producer Gene Kirkwood, who executive produced Rocky back in 1976, to develop a franchise based on Sir Isaac Newton.

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One clever teen solves Newton’s 300 year old riddle

Long before computer-driven physics simulations, trying to come up with a solution for a real-world physics problem took a tremendous amount of calculation by hand. Three hundred years ago, Isaac Newton asked if anyone could calculate the exact trajectory of a ball, taking into account both gravity and wind resistance. Recently, a 16 year old from India took that challenge and beat it.

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Happy Birthday Isaac Newton! Merry Newtonmas!

I should have posted this earlier in the day, but I was too busy front-loading the queue with stupid Christmas videos and animated gifs and I totally forgot the reason for the season until I noticed Gloomcookie saying something about it on Facebook— December 25th is the birthday of one of the most amazing men ever in history— Isaac Newton.¬†

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