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Epic Rap Battle of the Day: Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye puts the epic in Epic Rap Battles

Weird Al as Newton, it just doesn’t get any more epic than that. Actually, it does, but you have to wait for it.

The strange, secret history of Isaac Newton’s theological papers

Isaac Newton was without a doubt, one of the most brilliant human beings to ever walk this Earth, and his contributions to pretty much everything can never be underscored enough. But for all of his scientific achievements, Newton had another obsession, and that was with religion and theology. These days, science and religion are portrayed as being on opposite ends of the spectrum, but both in their essence are about asking big questions and trying to learn more about the world we live in. When Newton died, he left boxes and boxes and volumes of theological papers that were kept secret for centuries. Not because it might damage his science street cred, but because it was thought he would be seen as a heretic by the church.

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Rob Cohen to direct an action movie about Sir Isaac Newton

With Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opening a little later this summer, it looks like ass-kicking, historical persons as action stars. Director Rob Cohen (Fast and Furious) has partnered with producer Gene Kirkwood, who executive produced Rocky back in 1976, to develop a franchise based on Sir Isaac Newton.

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One clever teen solves Newton’s 300 year old riddle

Long before computer-driven physics simulations, trying to come up with a solution for a real-world physics problem took a tremendous amount of calculation by hand. Three hundred years ago, Isaac Newton asked if anyone could calculate the exact trajectory of a ball, taking into account both gravity and wind resistance. Recently, a 16 year old from India took that challenge and beat it.

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Happy Birthday Isaac Newton! Merry Newtonmas!

I should have posted this earlier in the day, but I was too busy front-loading the queue with stupid Christmas videos and animated gifs and I totally forgot the reason for the season until I noticed Gloomcookie saying something about it on Facebook— December 25th is the birthday of one of the most amazing men ever in history— Isaac Newton.¬†

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