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IHC After Dark nightmare fuel: Dad tests out slow motion video on his new iPhone

Some dad got an iPhone 5S and sent his son this test video of the 5S’s new slow motion video feature. Make it stop.


So the good news is that the iPhone 5S’s fingerprint sensor also works on nipples

Because the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S doesn’t specifically look for fingerprint patterns, but for textures, you can not only train your fancy new phone to unlock using your fingerprints, but also nipples. That makes it entirely worth the sticker price.

Apple unveils two new iPhones with all kinds of new features and colors

As expected, at today’s big Apple event, there was not one but two new iPhones that hit the red carpet. There’s the iPhone 5S, which will be Apple’s new top of the line iPhone, available in black, silver or gold-champagne, with a fingerprint scanner and some serious guts and the iPhone 5C, a line of candy colored iPhones that are available for $100 with a contract. Also, iOS 7 will be released on September 18.

There’s a hell of a lot to take in, so just read it here

iPhone 5S appears likely to come in a gold color, possible fingerprint sensor

The idea that the iPhone would come with a fingerprint sensor for unlocking and other etcs started before the iPhone 5 appeared, as there seemed to be good evidence to support the idea. With the iPhone 5S coming out later this year, it looks like that might finally happen. Also, in addition to coming in black or white, Apple appears to be adding a gold color option called “champagne”.

Read more here at 9to5Mac

Look at that… iPhone 5S prototype photos are already hitting the web

As with the iPhone 4, it’s expected that Apple will make a minor update to the iPhone 5 with an iPhone 5S model some time early next year. So here we are with a couple of pretty reasonably believable iPhone 5S pictures.

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