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Mophie finally releases its Juice Pack for iPhone 5

Mophie finally released an external battery pack case for the iPhone 5 called the Juice Pack Helium. It wasn’t Mophie’s fault… if Apple wasn’t being such a stingy bitch over the Lightning connector, Im sure Mophie would have had this out on day one of the iPhone 5 launch. But now is better than never.

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Gorgeous iPhone Cases Made of Paper

It is rare to find really amazing art that is meant to be a functional piece of daily technology. These iPhone cases from Twig Case Co. are just that.

The cases are indeed made from paper. Well, technically it is called Richlite. Made from trees from Sweden and Brazil. These are the first cases to use Richlite and it is extremely strong. It is also extremely efficient in production.

For those objecting due to forestry or unsustainability concerns, rest easy. Each case is FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning that
the process is utilizing the responsible management of our planet’s wooden resources. The FSC is a non-profit organization that was created to stop the irresponsible foresting of the rainforest and other endangered areas.

For those looking for a unique and high-quality iPhone case, the choice is clear. These Twig Co. cases well designed and will last you beyond the life of the iPhone.

I know i am picking one up soon.

Buy It: My Favorite Twig Co Case

Walmart adds iPhone 4 and 5 to its stupidly cheap pre-paid plan

Saying that customers shouldn’t have to choose between price and having the latest gadgets, Walmart announced yesterday that it would be adding the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 to its stupidly cheap pre-paid plan. Since it’s a pre-paid plan, you’ll have to buy the phones up front, but after that it’s just $45/mo for unlimited everything.

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CES 2013: Here’s the first iPhone 5 battery case… finally

Normally, with a brand new iPhone launch, consumers are awash in a sea of third party accessories of every kind the day the phone comes out. No so with the iPhone 5, thanks to the new Lightning connector and Apple’s stinginess on allowing companies to use the technology. So finally after all this time, there’s an iPhone 5 battery case, and it’s not from Mophie, but from iBattz.

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Look at that… iPhone 5S prototype photos are already hitting the web

As with the iPhone 4, it’s expected that Apple will make a minor update to the iPhone 5 with an iPhone 5S model some time early next year. So here we are with a couple of pretty reasonably believable iPhone 5S pictures.

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Large scale strike at a Foxconn iPhone 5 factory. Yes, this means you might have to wait a little longer. Cry me a river.

A complicated manufacturing and assembly process, an insane consumer demand and notoriously shitty Chinese labor conditions all combined today, when a Foxconn factory in Zhenzhou, China saw thousands of workers go on strike. So that means, if you’re waiting for a new batch of iPhone 5’s to ship to your local store, it might be delayed.

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Why are you waiting in line for an iPhone 5?

A woman is interviewed about why she’s waiting in line for an iPhone 5. Don’t get ripped off by the internet.

It’s on: Apple announced the iPhone 5, with all the bells and whistles we were expecting

Apple is currently on stage in California, showing off the brand new iPhone 5 and it looks just like everyone thought it would. It’s got a 4” screen, and it’s 17% thinner than the iPhone 4S. It’s got 2x the graphics performance and processing, an improved camera, an HD front-facing Face Time camera, panorama camera, etc etc.

Watch the liveblog here

Why wait? Watch the brand new iPhone announcement video now.

This has just started circulating as a possibly leaked iPhone 5 announcement video. The Apple store is currently down, too. This video shows what we already knew— the iPhone 5 will be longer and thinner, but it also brings some new features, such as built-in Mission Control and fingerprint unlock through the home button.

Rumor: Apple will include brand new earbuds with brand new iPhone

It looks like the new, smaller iPad won’t be coming out til October, but when the latest iPhone is announced later this month, it will likely also have brand new earbuds, which is something that hasn’t changed on Apple products since Apple earbuds first debuted.

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The iPhone 5 will highly optimized for taking pictures of food, so you can create the illusion of having a life. 

Apple holding iPhone 5/iPad mini event September 12

Mark your calendars… Apple’s big unveiling event for the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini is scheduled for September 12, with a release date for both devices supposedly set for September 21st.

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Here’s a 3D rendering of what the next iPhone might look like. Apple haters in 3…2…1…

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) kicks off on Monday, so I’m just warning you there will be a bunch of news about iOS6, MacBook Pros and OS X. But for today, here’s a pretty good 3D rendering from Blackpool Creative of what the next iPhone might look like, based on leaked case details from suppliers.

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