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Apple starting to ban apps that reward social app whoring

Rewarding players with in-game credits and items for downloading other games and watching commercials is a creative way for app developers to make money, but everyone knows it’s annoying as hell. And with iOS 8 on its way, it looks like Apple is already starting to crack down on games and apps that coerce you into downloading other games and apps and watching video ads for in-game goodies, with several developers already reporting having even minor cosmetic updates disallowed by Apple because their apps use such practices.

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Apple introduces a new OS X with tons of cool features, iOS 8 at WWDC

Today’s WWDC was expected to be all about the software, even though there were people as there always are, hoping it would be iWatch time. But what we got was a ton of information about OS X Yosemite (jokingly “almost” called “OS X Weed”), which brings iOS 7 design to OS X and a whole crapload of features to complete the Apple ecosystem, bringing an impressive amount of synchronicity between OS X and iOS. There was also a lot about iOS 8, which of course, connects nearly seamlessly to OS X now, has the Healthbook API to connect your future wearable devices (such as an iWatch) and the new Apple for Home environment to connect all of your future smart devices and appliances.

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Apple rolls out details on CarPlay, the in-car version of iOS

Last year, Apple announced iOS for cars, and this week, they unveiled more details on the system, now called CarPlay. It’s a highly simplified version of iOS with things like Messages, Maps and music controlled in large part by Siri. The OS doesn’t completely take over a car’s info screen, but works in tandem with auto manyfacturer’s own information system. Have your texts or emails read aloud, find music, get directions and navigate through third party apps like Spotify with your voice.

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iOS 8 will likely focus on health monitoring and compatibility with iWatch

According to a meeting Apple execs had with people at the FDA, the plans for iOS 8 include health monitoring, such as using tools in the phone’s hardware to monitor how much exercise you’re getting, as well as compatibility with the forthcoming iWatch and third party wearable devices to monitor things like heart rate, blood pressure, etc. iOS 8 will supposedly come bundled with an app called Healthbook to keep track of what lazy fuck you are. Yes, your iPhone is on its way to being a tricorder.

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Imgur brings a whole lot of meme making to iOS

There are plenty of internet meme generation apps out there for iOS and Android and I don’t know maybe Windows phones, but there’s only one imgur and now there’s an official imgur meme generating app for iOS, complete with more memes than I’ve seen in any other similar programs. After the ban of Quickmeme from Reddit thanks to spambots, imgur launched a web meme generator and an Android version last summer, and now iOS users can get in on the hot action.

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Download Box for iOS, get 50gb of storage to use for life

Just as it did when it was launched for Android, cloud storage service Box is offering 50gb of free storage for iOS users who download their app. The normal free storage amount is 10gb, and this 50 they’re offering never expires. Maybe if you’re looking for an alternative to Dropbox, this might be your thing. And hell, 50gb of free cloud storage ain’t bad.

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First iOS 7 jailbreak released. Merry Christmas.

iOS jailbreakers got a great little Christmas present this morning with evasion7, the first iOS 7 jailbreak release for iOS 7. Evasion7 brings tethering, some useful alternate apps and Bitcoin, something that’s been consistently blocked from the iOS App Store. Right now, all you can get on iOS for Bitcoin are Bitcoin market trackers, but not any wallets. Go forth and jailbreak, but keep in mind, this is a brand new release without a lot of testing, so there will be problems.

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Apple’s 12 Days of iOS finally coming to the US

For the past couple years, Apple users in Canada and Europe have had Apple’s 12 Days of Christmas to look forward to for some post Xmas freebies, and this year, us lowly Americans can now get in on the action. All you have to so is download the app and wait. On December 26th, every day for twelve days, Apple will be giving away an iOS freebie. Sometimes it’s a movie, an episode of a TV show, books, music, games or apps. Viva la free shit!

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Want some Cyber Monday app deals? Here ya go.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just big days for sales on physical items, but there are plenty of deals to be had today for apps for iOS and Android as well. 

Gizmodo has the list, check it out here

Leisure Suit Larry sleazes his way into iOS

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the reboot of Leisure Suit Larry is now available on iOS for iPhone and iPad. While there’s not yet an Android version, one is in the works. In the meantime, take your pants off and get all kinds of sleazy with your iPhone.

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Some of the best games and apps for iOS are free right now on the App Store

While it hasn’t been officially announced by Apple, for the fifth anniversary of the App Store, many of the best and best-selling games and apps for iOS are free right now. Yes, free!

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Starting with Age of Empires, Microsoft games coming to iOS and Android

Now that Microsoft has established its own mobile platform, you might think they might try and leverage their strong library of first party games, but it looks like they’re first going to be converting games like Age of Empires to iOS and Android. But considering the piss poor share of Windows Mobile on mobile devices (note that the fucking Blackberry Playbook has the same number of users as the Microsoft Surface), it’s probably just good business sense to start with Apple and Android first.


Apple Releases Video About How iOS Apps Affect People Worldwide

WWDC 2013: Apple announces iOS 7, a whole new look and way to use your iPhone

Calling it the biggest change to the iPhone since the launch of the iPhone, Apple today unveiled the highly anticipated iOS7. Not only does the whole thing have a new, sleek, minimalistic look, but all kinds of functions have been added, borrowed, improved or modified to improve the iOS experience.

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