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Intel has new technology to let Stephen Hawking continue to communicate

As Stephen Hawking’s Lou Gehrig’s disease slowly continues to erode his physical body, he becomes less able to communicate by the day. He currently uses a device that measures the twitch of a single muscle in his cheek, the last muscle he has any control over. But even that is fading, with his ability to speak now under one word per minute. Fortunately, Intel has developed new technology to continue to let Hawking communicate.

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Intel starts cooling its servers by dunking them in mineral oil

Keeping servers cool is always a big concern for tech companies, and people are always trying to try new things to keep the temps down in order to keep performance up. At Intel, they’re testing an interesting solution— keeping their servers in vats of mineral oil.

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Japanese Intel ultrabook commercial raises so many… so many questions

Why is there a guy in a suit, in a tiger head dancing on the moon? What does this have to do with anything? Answer: It’s Japan.

Intel re-invents the microchip with 3D transistors

At an event today in San Francisco, Intel announced one of the most important pieces of semiconductor news in many years: the company’s upcoming 22nm processors will feature a fundamental change to the design of the most basic building block of every computer chip, the transistor. I’m no expert by far in transistor technology, but this new tri-gate transistor is much, much faster, allowing on/off states to flip far faster, meaning much faster processers.

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Intel’s LightPeak technology coming in early 2011, may replace USB 3.0

USB’s gotten pretty ubiquitous in the past several years or so, but Intel’s got a new, faster connection technology that it’s planning on rolling out as early as early 2011 and it’s rumored that Apple will be including it on its 2011 devices before other tech companies instead of USB 3.0.

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Intel wants another 50 bucks to unlock your CPU’s hidden power

In a pricing scheme that sounds good for Intel and shady for customers, Intel’s revealed that it’s testing something where you buy a processor at X speed and then if you want it to reach it’s “true” speed, you pay Intel another $50. Sounds fucking awesome.

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