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Stylish but illegal monkey found roaming Toronto Ikea

"A disoriented monkey was found wandering aimlessly outside an Ikea store in North York Sunday.

The animal sighting quickly sparked a flurry of activity among Torontonians, who tweeted and re-tweeted pictures and created at least two parody accounts on Twitter.

Dressed in a shearling coat and a diaper, the monkey managed to open its crate, unlock the car door and go for a stroll in the Ikea parking lot – clearly a “smart monkey” for having managed all that, said Toronto Police Staff Sergeant Ed Dzingala.”


Ikea is now selling an HDTV built into a piece of furniture

Continuing to expand their offerings, first Ikea announced it was building a neighborhood in London and now it’s offering an Ikea HDTV, seamlessly built into a piece of furniture. It’s very nice looking, and if you have other Ikea pieces in your home, it would blend in perfectly.

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Ikea to build its own London neighborhood with easy apartment assembly

As part of its plan of easy assemble world domination, the Swedish furniture chain Ikea has announced that it’s expanding from stores to neighborhoods. The new neighborhood in east London will be called Strand East and will feature 1,200 homes and apartments in the Scandinavian style, and all will be rentals.

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