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IHC After Dark: “MMMM PUSSY”, another great “Benny Lava” style Indian song translation

IHC After Dark music head trip: Lindzee “Illusion Blind”

Sometimes they aren’t very subtle about the adult jokes they put in kid shows.

IHC After Dark short films: “Aftermath”


my name is maayan, i’m a 3rd year student at Bezalel art academy (israel). i made a short animation movie about- a women coping with here past.

it’s 50’s vibe!

hope you like it and share it.

thank you.


IHC After Dark music” Set in Sand “Cherish the Moments”

New video for electronic musician Set in Sand entitled “Cherish The Moments” from the What Is This Place? album (Audio Dregs/Abandon Building). Video by E*Rock. Enjoy!

IHC After Dark music videos: 20sly “Kodama”

Check out this little music vid by 20sly, it’s pretty cool and the beat is sick 

IHC After Dark: Christopher Hitchens’ Great Arguments and Comebacks

It’s been too long since you’ve delighted in the delicate and genteel ways of one of the most erudite, articulate, and yes, arrogant soldiers of truth and reason ever to have walked the planet, so here you go.

There is also a part two, here.

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