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IHC After Dark metal: Animals as Leaders “Tooth and Claw”

If you enjoy math and metal, or just having your face melted, check out this track from Animals as Leaders third album “The Joy of Motion” which was released today.  

You want nightmare fuel? You got it! Welcome to the Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum, the World’s Creepiest Wax Museum.

IHC After Dark moment of zen: Rachel Williams’ boobs bouncing in slow motion

Submitted by Mr. Soxxie

IHC After Dark music: DJ Snake & Lil John “Turn Down for What”

Latest music video to make me think ‘wtf’ but I love it!

IHC After Dark musicl: The Peach Kings “Be Around”

New music video for The Peach Kings “Be Around” puts double exposure photography in full motion with a psychedelic twist.

IHC After Dark: Cody the shih tzu screams whenever his name is called

Jesus H. Christ, make it stop.


IHC After Dark: Some great card magic by Ricky Jay

He’s got a doc on Netflix worth checking out as well…

IHC After Dark: 1970s-1980s CBS Special Presentation intro will either give you all the feels or it won’t

Unless you were born in the fucking 90s, then fuck you then.

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