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Check out Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela in this trailer for ‘Mandela’

Excellent casting choice. Mandela will be hitting theaters in January 2014.

And now, here’s a 22 year old Idris Elba as a space pizza delivery guy

From the short lived British sci-fi series ‘Space Precinct’

Somebody brought up Idris Elba’s name as a possible James Bond, the internet goes crazy

Before you start spreading a rumor that Idris Elba will be the next James Bond, and the first black James Bond, keep in mind that this is something that was only mentioned in passing by actress Naomie Harris when asked who should play a black James Bond. But when that day comes, Elba would certainly be an awesome choice.

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"Conservative Citizens" group boycotting Thor because Heimdall is being played by Idris Elba

In my travels across the varied pages on the interwebs, I come across the best and smartest of humanity and then sometimes I come across some of the dumbest and most banal of humanity. Guess which side of the line this one falls on? A group called The Council of Conservative Citizens has decided that they’re going to boycott the shit out of the upcoming Thor movie. Because Idris Elba plays Heimdall, and Elba is black. OH FUCK CANCEL EVERYTHING.

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Idris Elba wants to play Blade and Luke Cage

You loved him in The Wire, Sometimes in April, 28 Weeks Later, The Office and The Losers and you’ll see him as Heimdall in Thor and now Idris Elba wants to play Blade and Luke Cage. But but but The Old Spice Guy wants to be Luke Cage. Idris Elba or the Old Spice Guy? 

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