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Morning music: Murp “Thunder Silences the Bully”

Black Metal Anti Bully Song…..Because why not?

Watch Willie Nelson tell a story with a full deck of cards with this amazing card trick

Willie Nelson is indeed a wizard. This is the best ever.

Friday Funk: Parliament - Rumpofsteelskin

Here’s a fun track from a 1978 album to help close out the week.

Hellogoodbye - Betrayed By Bones

A little tune for your Saturday.

Evening Tune: Tex Williams - Smoke! Smoke! Smoke!

This one goes out to Lazy01001, who’s trying not to.

Daily Discussion: Describe your sex life with the name of a band

Stolen directly from something Gloomcookie found, here’s a good new Daily Discussion topic since we haven’t had one in a while— describe your sex life with the name of a band. Above is DVDA, which you’ll have to google if you’re not familiar with the term, but… first!

And now, it’s The Beastie Boys “So What’cha Want”, the Muppets version

Thank you, interwebs.

Afternoon tunes: The Mind Mess” Copenhagen Lies”

A nice and relaxing song about a town. By Danish indie pop group The Mind Mess. 

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