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Supreme Court hears arguments in Aereo case, questions on the future of cloud computing at stake

While the Supreme Court may not hand a ruling in the case of broadcasters vs Aereo, the Justices showed a surprising level of tech savvy, with Justice Sotomayor asking what a ruling against Aereo would mean to the future of cloud computing services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. By using a complicated series of tiny antennae and encrypted hard drives, Aereo allows users to stream live TV through a computer. And because Aereo claims it’s merely providing technology for rent, not broadcasting content. Broadcasters argue that Aereo is simply using tech trickery to skirt copyright law and avoid paying broadcast fees.

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Afternoon short films: “Lazy Boyz”

Because the Internet needed it… here’s an awesome MONSTER COUCH short! 

Lazy Boyz is a 80’s style horror/comedy about 2 stoners who find out their newfound couch lurks with mysterious evil… Hope you guys dig it!

Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is a real thing that’s happening for some reason

Ten years ago, Robin Williams apparently started talking about doing a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire, and now 20 years later, it may become a reality, with Williams starring, Chris Columbus directing and ‘Elf’ writer David Berenbaum writing. I think they could just save a lot of money on prosthetics and hire Paul McCartney to play the titular role.

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Joss Whedon releases surprise new film straight to on-demand, just because he can

Director Joss Whedon, who raked in more money than God with The Avengers released a surprise film straight to digital on-demand today called ‘In Your Eyes’, available for purchase for just five bucks. In Your Eyes is a supernatural love story, starring Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David as strangers who believe they share a telepathic connection.

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Saturday morning comics: The Common Room Animation Project

The Common Room Animation Project is a collaboration between 13 animators and spoken-word artist Talia Randall.

Inspired by the piece ‘Common Room’, each of the animators took on a segment of the poem, and worked on it with complete creative freedom.

The poem itself speaks of experiences that are very personal, and yet universal. Therefore, we chose to collaborate on a film which enables several designers and animators to share their personal views, experiences and interpretation of the poem.

X-Men director Bryan Singer facing charges he buttsecksed a 17 year old, so that’s not good

With X-Men: Days of Future Past hitting theaters in the US at the end of May, the timing couldn’t be worse for Bryan Singer, who is facing very serious accusations that in 1999, he stuck his wang in the b-hole of a 17 year old. Perhaps that then puts Singer in the perfect spot to direct the next Elmo movie.

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Thing you need in your life: The Darth Vader helmet toaster
It’s good to see that just because Disney now owns Star Wars that they haven’t given up the Lucas tradition of granting product licensing rights to literally anything. This beauty isn’t available yet, but it will be in June.
Product link

Thing you need in your life: The Darth Vader helmet toaster

It’s good to see that just because Disney now owns Star Wars that they haven’t given up the Lucas tradition of granting product licensing rights to literally anything. This beauty isn’t available yet, but it will be in June.

Product link

The final trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, because I can’t get enough of time traveling mutants

In which Wolverine travels 50 years into the past to try and get the younger versions of Xavier, Magneto, Beast et al to join together against Trask and his Sentinel army. My only lingering question is how the writers have handled Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask— that is, Dinklage is a terrific actor, and I think it was incredible for him to get cast in such a high profile “non-midget” role, but on the other hand, there seems to be an obvious built-in character story when you cast a person with an actual physical, full body mutation such as dwarfism in the role of a character who builds an army of giant robots to defeat mutants, and I hope that doesn’t get too stupid, as in “Trask is just pissed because he’s just a normal short mutant, not a super-powered mutant, so he builds giant robots… didn’t see that one coming.”

Also, check out the opening fight sequence here

IHC Movie Reviews: Oculus (2014)

Oculus, the horror movie starring Karen Gillan is in theaters now, after being in limited release for quite a while. With an influx of horror movies this time of year, this one tries to stand out with an oddly unique story. But how does it do? Is it a great horror flick, or should it have stayed locked up in the psych ward?

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Check out the first clip from X-Men: Days of Future Past, as the Sentinel invasion begins

Shit is gonna get all kinds of extraordinarily nuts when Bolivar Trask’s Sentinels start murdering every mutant in sight. Throw in some timey wimey time travel and this movie’s gonna be cray-zay.

Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie the Pooh does a Star Wars read-through with Winnie the Pooh as Darth Vader

There are lots of great voice actors here, but Pooh as Vader is the absolute best, especially if you listen without watching.

Harrison Ford does a Reddit AMA, offers his opinion on Han vs Greedo

A couple days ago, Harrison Ford did a Reddit AMA to promote his new movie ‘Years of Living Dangerously’. And this being the internet, he was of course asked as to who shot first— Han or Greedo?

I think we would all like to know: Who shot first? Han Solo or Greedo?

I don’t know and I don’t care.

Read the whole AMA here

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