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Feel Good Video of the Day:

You may know MagicofRahat from his many Youtube prank videos mostly scaring unsuspecting fast food workers.  Earlier this year he surprised a local homeless man Eric with a “winning” $1000 lottery ticket.  Now hes back after having completed a fundraiser to give Eric a home.

Ladies Looking: Real messages from Grindr, Scruff, and Growlr (NSFW)

Buttsex! Where you top or bottom!

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul appeared on The Price is Right in 2000

I think he may have discovered blue meth looong before the series. To be honest, though, I’d be excited as hell to be on the Price is Right as well.

Creepy late-night Documentary: Who is the most evil serial killer?

Evil is a sliding scale, depending on your culture, upbringing, and religious beliefs. However, I think we can all agree that serial killers fit the definition of evil. This documentary attempts to classify 3 killers on a scale of how evil they were.

IHC After Dark: Dick will make you slap somebody

Thanks to wageslavery

Nova: Kaboom!

Another one of my favorite Nova episodes this week. This one is all about explosives, their origin, and their uses.

Nova: B29 - Frozen in Time

This is my favorite episode of Nova of all time. It’s the story of a team of people who attempt to restore and fly a B29 which has been sitting in the arctic wastes of Greenland for 50 years.

More Bioshock Infinite baddies: The Boys of Silence

Instead of brute force and heavy artillery, these guys only use sound — it’s all they’ll need to get your adrenaline flowing as you check your ammo and run for cover. It’s time to cover your ears: Here come the Boys of Silence.


Guy creates his own fully functional hidden Assassin’s Creed blade

A guy decided to make a spring-loaded retractable blade based on the hidden knife in Assassin’s Creed, which I’m sure is totally legal. Try it at the bank!

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