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Doctor Who, the Japanese dating sim? Okay, why the hell not? There are lots and lots of reasons.

Unlucky in love? Can’t find that special someone? Why struggle being the person no one wants to date when you could be… THIRTEEN people?

Introducing… Romantic Time Traveller Boyfriend XD Plus! The wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, time-travelling dating simulator!

Use jelly babies, cricket, menacing eyebrows and your favourite Time Lord quotes to woo companions through all of time and space! Unsuccessful? Don’t worry! You can always put on a ‘brave face’…

We hope you enjoy our latest clip by the FiveWhoFans and iamprikle to celebrate the return of Doctor Who on 23rd August! If you like, please help us share and get it out there – your support is hugely appreciated!



Team #Mashed

Twin Peaks as a 1980s style video game

The video describes it as an “NES style” version of the show intro, but it’s more like VGA era PC, but it still looks rather pretty.

Wibbly wobbly creepy: Video merges the faces of all 13 Doctors into one

From Hartnell to Capaldi, this video both averages out the faces of two individual subsequent Doctors, then averages out the whole to create… a white British guy, but a very average looking person indeed. My favorite is the War Doctor/Eccleston Doctor. 

See the Doctor Who intro sequence that’s so awesome, Stephen Moffat is stealing it for the new season

Made by Who fan Billy Hanshaw of Leeds, England, this is one of many, many examples of how fan art has gotten so good, it often rivals or betters the work of people who get paid a lot of money to create professionally. This particular intro is so awesome and unique, yet appropriate for Doctor Who that Stephen Moffat contacted Hanshaw to ask to use his fan made intro for season eight, starting in seven days. The actual intro has been “professionally remade” by the BBC, because they’re already paying designers and artists to do something. Whether Mr. Hanshaw was paid a shitload of money for basically doing the work of the BBC, I don’t know.


Some say he has absolutely no fear… all we know is that this is The Stig bungee jumping in an F1 race car

Holy shit, I nearly needed a change of pants just watching this.

Check out the trailer for the fifth and final season of Boardwalk Empire, “No One Goes Quietly”

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