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Warner Bros moving forward with ‘I Am Legend’ prequel with Will Smith

Warner Bros is apparently moving forward with a prequel for the movie ‘I Am Legend’, with Will Smith’s production company. It will be interesting to see what direction the film will take, though the way they screwed up the ending of the original I Am Legend, I’m not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking.

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Here’s what the zombies from I Am Legend would have looked like sans CGI

Originally, during the production of I Am Legend, it was decided that the zombie-like creatures would be done with make-up and animatronic prosthetics. But then later on, they were all like “fuck that” and just made them CGI. They also decided the original ending to the movie didn’t have enough death and changed that, too.


Macauley Culkin is Legend

Okay yeah, I’m pretty fucking sure that Home Alone with zombies would have been one of the best fucking things ever.


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