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Meschach Taylor, from Designing Women and Mannequin passes away at 67

Actor Meschach Taylor, who was perhaps best known as his role in the late 1980s TV series Designing Women, and also was awesome as hell in the 1987 comedy Mannequin, died today at the age of 67 from cancer.

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New teaser trailer for the next season of Doctor Who, with a season launch date of August 23

We’ve been told that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor would be a departure from some of the more recent ones, which will be nice, because before the show’s hiatus, there was a much broader range of Doctor personalities than we’ve gotten so far, even if some of them weren’t all that great. And with this teaser, it looks like we will indeed get a much darker Doctor than we’re used to.

Chromecast getting a slew of new features, might finally be halfway useable

If you were like me and jumped on Google’s $35 Chromecast dongle when it first launched last year, imagining it to be a cheaper, smaller and sleeker smart TV alternative to Apple TV or Roku only to find out it’s an incredibly horrible to use, interface-less way to tie up your phone or tablet to maybe watch something on Netflix. But at this week’s I/O conference, Google announced a number of welcome changes to the Chromecast, including somewhat of a Google Plus powered user interface and (finally) full scale mirroring between your TV and Android device, so that’s something.

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Hope you enjoyed Aereo while it lasted, because today the Supreme Court killed it

Aereo, the service that uses clever technology to circumvent the whole public performance thing, has spent nearly its entire life fighting court battles for its existence in state after state, but after today’s ruling from the Supreme Court, the TV streaming service may be dead. The way Aereo worked, and what satisfied some lower courts, is that each customer gets their own private mini digital antenna at Aereo’s facilities, allowing you to watch broadcast television over the internet. It’s these individual antennae that has previously allowed the company to argue that what it offers amounts to a private performance, like you would do if you were watching TV at home. The Supreme Court didn’t buy it and today handed down a ruling that Aereo did violate copyright law and was wholly illegal.

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Eminem is bringing big league rap battles to pay-per-view

Calling it “the next great American sports league”, Total Slaughter is a project headed by Eminem to bring the glory, verbal wizardry and mic dropping to America and the world. If you’ve seen 8 Mile, you know that Eminem honed his skills in rap battles around Detroit to escape the shittiness of Kim Basinger, so now he has even bigger dreams of being the Don King/Simon Cowell of the American rap battle scene.

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