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If you haven’t seen it, watch the trailer for the upcoming live action/CGI Spongebob Squarepants movie

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this— on the one hand, it uses the same premise of “some kind of magical thing brings 2D cartoon characters into the real world” bullcrap that the Smurfs movies used, but on the other hand, it still seems to retain the snarky Spongebob humor, but on the other hand, Nickelodeon doesn’t give a crap what I think about it.

This fall, The Simpsons will meet the Griffins from Family Guy, and it looks both gimmicky and amazing

I just really hope I just didn’t see all the jokes. This is four and a half minutes and an episode is only 24 minutes, so… 

Check out the first full trailer for the new season of Doctor Who

Also, it could alternatively be called ‘Doctor Who: Into Darkness’. With a dinosaur.

Two Supercuts of Promo Interviews With Pro Wrestlers Where All Words Are Edited Out & Only Heavy Breathing Remains


Emmy nominations announced yesterday. Who do you think was snubbed?


This year’s Primetime Emmy nominations, announced yesterday, weren’t that big of a surprise— Game of Thrones scored a zillion nominations, Breaking Bad’s last season also racked up a bunch, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards got more nominations for Netflix, but who do you think got snubbed?

My vote is definitely Dean Norris as Hank Schrader in Breaking Bad. Norris was a consistently great actor on Breaking Bad, evolving the character of Hank tremendously in all those years, and Breaking Bad’s last season was Norris’s season. So many meaty moments, so much intensity. Both the Emmy and Oscar voters love to be surprised— which is why small children or first time actors frequently will easily get nominations and awards for their first good performance while veteran actors with decades of experience are left out. I think that’s what happened with Norris. He’s been acting for a long time, and you could easily say he’s been typecast as the cop/soldier/white hat cowboy for most of his career, and his role on Breaking Bad fit in with that. So maybe he never got a nomination because everyone’s like “Yeah, of course Dean Norris can play a cop”, but for fuck’s sake, that last season, Norris totally stuck the landing, as did Betsy Brandt, who was also not nominated. 

See the full list of nominees here

This old Japanese Doctor Who parody is one of the weirdest things on the internet today

While the Daleks (Dalekor) with legs and the cheap kung fu Cybermen are pretty Japanese awful, the guy who plays the Doctor actually seems to be a decent actor.

Now you can reenact all the craziness of Game of Thrones with your very own Game of Thrones custom Lego minifig set
It’s only $225 for all of them, but isn’t it worth it? TO BE KING?

Now you can reenact all the craziness of Game of Thrones with your very own Game of Thrones custom Lego minifig set

It’s only $225 for all of them, but isn’t it worth it? TO BE KING?


'Better Call Saul' spinoff will take place before, during and after Breaking Bad

What with the Breaking Bad spinoff ‘Better Call Saul’ having already been signed up for two seasons before a single episode has even aired, you may be wondering when exactly the timeline of the show takes place. The answer is that it will span decades— mostly occurring before the well orchestrated clusterfuck of events of Breaking Bad, but it will also periodically take place both during and after Walter White’s rise and fall. This should be pure ecstasy to Breaking Bad fans, as it will allow the writers to not only bring back characters that died during BB, but will give fans a bit of a glimpse into the post-Walter White world.

Read the story here

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