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IHC After Dark: 1970s-1980s CBS Special Presentation intro will either give you all the feels or it won’t

Unless you were born in the fucking 90s, then fuck you then.

Teaser trailer for the new season of Louie is very Woody Allen-esque

And yet, it kinda sums up the vibe of the whole show. New season starts Monday, May 5th, AKA Cinco de Mayo, AKA a celebration of Louis CK’s Mexicanness.

Amazon introduces the Fire TV set top streaming box and gaming controller

Jumping into a market already populated with products like Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast as well as game consoles like the Xbox One and PS4, Amazon announced yesterday the Amazon Fire TV, a set top streaming box with game controller. The $99 box (controller sold separately) streams movies, TV shows and Android games and apps through your TV like the other guys, but it also an X-ray that auto-populates your Kindle with IMDB info on what you’re watching as well as where on Amazon you can find different products in movies etc.

Read the story here

Rosetta Stone introduces Learn to Speak Klingon

Available only through ThinkGeek, which totally wouldn’t bullshit you on April 1st, because they just don’t do things like that.

Product link

Unable to show actual NCAA March Madness highlights, a local TV station re-creates the game in their office

That was pretty intense.

Check out Hustler’s first trailer for “This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX”

The original show still has probably more nudity and hotter sex scenes. WINTER IS CUMMING

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