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Morning feel good: Guy gets Bryan Cranston to help him ask a girl to prom

Fantastic that Cranston would be a good sport, but the delivery just isn’t the same without the shaved head, the glasses and the mustache.

Oklahoma protesters threaten to “secdee” if Cosmos isn’t cancelled

Furious with Neil DeGrasse Tyson o their Fox channels and his anti-Creationist “knowledge” and his truthy “facts” have gotten a group of people in Oklahoma so hopping mad, they’ve threatened to secede from the Union if Cosmos isn’t pulled off the air. You know, to form a freer union with one god, one religion, where science is outlawed and the truth about what we know about the world squashed. Good times those will be.

Read the story here

And now, here’s a side-by-side comparison of The IT Crowd with the failed 2007 US version

In 2007, NBC was all ready to go with an American version of The IT Crowd, which would have also starred Richard Ayoade, because holy shit, you just could not replace him, and Joel McHale, who later went on to star in Community. It’s not a huge sin that the pilot was essentially a shot-for-shot remake of the British pilot— the entire first season of The Office did the same before it took its own direction, but this is just unsettling.

You can watch the entire pilot episode here

Stephen Colbert retires “Stephen Colbert” so that Stephen Colbert can take over The Late Show


Well, I guess it isn’t much of a surprise.  Stephen Colbert has been announced as the official replacement as host of CBS’s Late Show. And also unsurprisingly, he’s not bringing his Comedy Central “Stephen Colbert” with him, which begs the question: Does anyone know what the real Stephen Colbert is like anymore?

And now, here’s 80 minutes of Mel Brooks kicking it with Conan O’Brien

I stumbled across this 80 minute video of Mel Books gassing with Conan O’Brien about his life, Sid Caesar, and automats… among other things. Definitely worth a watch if you’re a fan of Mel Brooks.

Stephen Colbert is CBS’s top pick to replace Letterman in 2015

Earlier this week, David Letterman announced that he would be retiring in 2015 after decades as a talk show host. It had been rumored that John Oliver might replace Letterman, but that idea was shot down, as were rumors that it might be Craig Ferguson. Now, it looks fairly certain that Stephen Colbert may be CBS’s top pick, and Colbert has indicated he would absolutely take over Late Night.

Read more here

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