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In the future, you could use your NPC-enabled phone to unlock and start your car

Recently, Hyundai has been testing a system that would allow you to use an NFC-enabled smartphone to unlock your car door, start the car before you get there and other nifty functions. Right now, this is just in a testing phase, so it might be a few years before anything like this is on the showroom floor. 

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Check out this crazy, shape-shifting wall from South Korea

Installation of shape shifting walls created by media artist group Jonpasang from Seoul for the Hyundai Motor Group exhibition pavilion in Korea. No, it’s not just you, the walls are really breathing.

Submitted by iheartcheese

Hyundai’s brilliant Top Gear spoof: “Top Deer”

If you’ve never seen Top Gear, these commercials probably won’t make a whole lot of sense. But if you’re a fan of the top-notch British auto show, you’ll see how brilliant they are. For the rest of you, there is no hope.

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