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Hulk Hogan talking to Howard Stern about how he should be in Expendables 3

Hulk Hogan recently went on Howard Stern, mainly to talk about a recent sex tape of him and a friend of his wife… but while he was airing his shame to a national audience, he also mentioned his illustrious acting career (Mr. Nanny? Really?), how he was supposed to have had the lead in ‘The Wrestler’ before Mickey Rourke got the part (total bullshit) and how he really wants to be in Expendables 3.


Someone threw a dog in the ocean in the movie Mr Nanny starring Sir Hulk of Hogan

That is all. And Hogan doesn’t even give a fuck.

Hulk Hogan raps out with his cock out for DefJam Rap Star

Target audience for DefJam Rap Star: Young black kids or 30-something white guys who still like to get drunk, party and whip their balls out? Obvious.


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