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Check out the first trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2

Vikings on dragons, Hiccup’s mom and lots more fun to be had here. Looks like a worthy sequel indeed.

Here’s a trailer for the brand new ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ TV series

Dreamworks will be turning its popular feature film ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ into a weekly Saturday morning cartoon series simply called ‘Dragons’, and it looks pretty decent. More dragons, more lulz, pretty nice looking animation. 


Check out this glimpse of How to Train Your Dragon, the theatrical production

Wow, that dragon on stage just looks fucking amazing. I’m really loving this trend of big-budget family theater lately. Even if Turn Off the Dark was sort of a clusterfuck, I’m a big fan of theater and anything that introduces kids to theater is absolutely cool with me. How to Train Your Dragon opens in Melbourne later this month.


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