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Bill Murray shows off his new Bill Murray banjo hologram

Riding on the success of the Tupac “hologram” and the upcoming Freddie Mercury hologram, Bill Murray shows off his brand new Bill Murray banjo-playing hologram.

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French lingerie store features a holographic hottie in its store window

The store is located near the Place Vendome neighborhood of the City of Light. Lady Light appears after 9pm each night, animating the window before disappearing in a shower of stars.


Toy store has the coolest, most holographic Star Wars toy display ever

A toy store in Steinkjer, Norway put up the most awesome Star Wars toy display ever, featuring lasers and holograms. Awesome display, but a huge disappointment for the kids that think the Star Wars toys actually project holograms.

Video from 1991 on ‘Time Traveler’, the first holographic video game, made by Sega

Oh yeah… I remember seeing stuff about this game. I never played it, but it never looked very exciting. Holo-games never really caught on, with only a very small handful of holographic machines making it into arcades and none of them were very good. Nice try, though.


Holographic Tupac performs with Snoop Dogg at Coachella

On the last day of the Coachella music festival in southern California, Snoop Dogg got one more chance to perform alongside Tupac Shakur. But they didn’t have to exhume Tupac’s bones to make the appearance, they just had to use holographic technology. I don’t know, a zombie Tupac would have also been cool.

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CES 2012: Screw normal 3D TV… this is virtual holographic TV

Yesterday, we showed you the mind controlled TV set OF THE FUTURE from Haier, and today we’ve got this spiffy virtual holographic television set from TCL. Screw wearing 3D glasses… this TV set offers up a 3DS-like inset holographic glasses-free TV, so it’s like having all your porn in a little living shadowbox. 

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How to make your own holograms

Face it, holograms are awesome! If you’ve ever wanted to make your own holograms you’ve probably realized that it’s difficult, expensive, and complicated. No so if you have this kit, it’s easy! Just set up the included jig, use the laser to illuminate your object, and expose the self developing film. You’ll have your very own high quality hologram in less than an hour.

Get the DIY Hologram Kit here


Microsoft shows off Holodesk, a 3D virtual desktop environment

MS is all about showing off every little invention their R&D comes up with, even if it’s decades down the line, if it does happen at all, but I like seeing what they’re doing, especially when it’s stuff like this. The Holodesk is a 3D holographic environment that can be interacted with in the same way that you would interact with physical objects. Whether this is going to be seen in the short term is unlikely, but your grandkids will be all over this sort of thing.


French airport now employs holographic employees

An airport in France has employed holographic staff to welcome passengers to boarding gates. Air France, you’re my only hope.

Burberry uses holographic fashion models for their latest show in Beijing

Okay, that looks pretty fucking cool. And the upside is that holograms eat as much as a real runway model, but do less coke.

Here’s a longer video, though the sound is pretty shitty

Researchers discover a way to create true color 3D holograms

Right now, holograms are cool and all, but they’re just able to re-create the shape of an object and not its real color. The current approach to making holograms is to take white light to capture the interference pattern of an object an get images from several angles, reflected off silver film. But scientists in Japan can do one better.

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3D fog projection display brings purple bunnies to life

Created by a team at Osaka University in Japan, this futuristic projection system uses an array of pico projectors to display a full 3D image in a wisp of fog. If you were told that the Easter Bunny isn’t real, that’s only half-right… he’s simply a holographic projection.


Japan goes crazy for a 3D hologram singer named Hatsune Miku

One of the biggest new pop stars in Japan isn’t a piece of Japanese jailbait, nor is it even some robot. It’s a 3D hologram named Hatsune Miku, and as you can tell from the videos below, Japan’s gone stupid crazy for Hatsune and her digital ass. She does have nicer hair than Gorillaz, so there’s that. 

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3D holographic video, you’re my only hope

3D movies have been doing really well in theaters and 3D televisions are still trying to find their footing in the consumer market, but 3D holographic videos? With some new developments, we could have that in our living rooms in no time— well, if you’re counting geologically. 

The key is a complex new plastic material the researchers have developed, which changes its refractive index when illuminated by laser light. Such photorefractive materials have been studied for years, but this is the fastest and most sensitive known, able to record and display a different holographic image every 2 seconds.

“They have taken it to a new level in sensitivity and area,” says Joe Perry of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, who was not involved with the work.

To demonstrate its potential for telepresence applications, Peyghambarian and colleagues photographed an object from 16 different angles with conventional video cameras. Computers then converted the video images into the form needed to make a hologram, and sent that information to a “receiver” some distance away using standard Ethernet communication protocols. The receiver contains a laser that interpreted the image data to “write” 100 holographic stripes into the 10-centimetre-square chunk of plastic over a period of 2 seconds. Next, a red, green and blue LEDs illuminated the plastic, recreating the phase, direction and amplitude of light waves reflected off the original object and forming a colour 3D holographic replica.


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