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Does the Higgs Boson offer proof that nature is not natural?


When scientists working at CERN discovered the HIggs Boson last year, it was expected they would find other new particles along with the Higgs as predicted by every model there was. But it was just a boson, and one that seemed to be way smaller than it should have been. The big (really big) implication here is that the universe may not have a “natural order” that every thinker and scientist from Aristotle to Einstein have been a fan of. In fact, our universe may be one of trillions who just happened to have physical laws just good enough for anything to exist at all and the laws of physics we so rely on only go so far before everything stops making sense.

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The results are in: That is in fact a Higgs Boson that was discovered by CERN

After thorough re-examination, review and triple/quadruple checking of all the facts and figures, CERN has announced that the Higgs-like particle that was detected last year using the Large Hadron Collider is in fact a Higgs boson. There ya go. New pope, Higgs boson.

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Morning music: Symphony of Science “The Face of Creation”

The latest Symphony of Science video celebrates the most celebrated scientific achievement of the year— the probable discovery of the Higgs boson.

How could the Higgs Boson discovery not have won a Nobel prize this year?

Yesterday, when the Nobel prizes for science were handed out yesterday, there was one notable discovery missing from the podium and that was the team that (as far as we know), may or may not have discovered the Higgs Boson. What’s up with that?

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Vi Hart’s “Sonnet on a Higgs-like Particle”

You didn’t think you’d get to end this Higgs-tastic science week without hearing from Vi Hart did you? 

"God particle" discovery excites Christians who don’t know anything about science
And this is why any time any news organization or website uses the term “God particle” to seriously refer to the Higgs boson, they should lose their ability to post any science news for a month.
Submitted by Delsyd

"God particle" discovery excites Christians who don’t know anything about science

And this is why any time any news organization or website uses the term “God particle” to seriously refer to the Higgs boson, they should lose their ability to post any science news for a month.

Submitted by Delsyd

Stephen Hawking loses $100 bet over the Higgs boson

While the scientific community was cheering the apparent discovery of the Higgs boson, Professor Stephen Hawking was also excited, even though he joked that he had bet $100 that the subatomic particle would never be found. Wrong again Hawkman.

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So there it is… physicists have discovered the Higgs boson

In a big announcement earlier this morning, scientists at CERN in Switzerland have announced that with 99.9999% certainty, they’ve found the once-elusive Higgs boson. This is a huge deal, not only because it’s one of the last pieces of the Standard Model puzzle, but the Higgs is theoretically what gives everything its mass. Without the Higgs, there could be no physical universe.

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Leaked CERN video confirms discovery of new particle, may or may not be the Higgs

Recently, there’s been a lot of speculation that scientists working with the Large Hadron Collider may have actually found the Higgs boson. While such a finding would need much more testing to confirm, a leaked video from CERN confirms that they’ve found something new, but no one is yet calling it the Higgs.

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The Higgs boson explained

PHD Comics visits particle physicist Daniel Whiteson at CERN, where Daniel talks about what the mysterious Higgs Boson is and how the LHC is going to find it, if it actually exists.


Higgs boson may have been glimpsed, but nothing absolutely certain yet

At a seminar today at Cern, scientists announced they may have glimpsed a Higgs boson, but can’t yet be entirely certain. The Higgs boson is a theoretical particle that exists on the quantum level that possibly is what gives things mass as part of a Higgs field. Well that’s the theory in a nutshell… but most physicists working closely to the study strongly believe the Higgs boson is out there, but it needs to be observed and confirmed.

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Higgs boson could be found before Christmas, pushing forward the end of the world. Happy Holidays.

So far, the Higgs boson has remained elusive. Previously, scientists working at the Large Hardon Collider had predicted that they would either find it by the end of 2012 or not at all. Now, a spokesman for the LHC (yeah you know me) says that it’s very likely the search could conclude before Christmas of this year.

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New and wacky Higgs boson theory: The Higgs is a time traveling particle assassin

In the absence of actually finding the Higgs boson, there’s a lot of theories about why it can’t be found and what it might be like. One of the more interesting one is that the Higgs is so elusive because it’s an actual example of the grandfather paradox. That is, they can’t find it, because it has a bad habit of traveling back in time and erases its own existence. Or possibly going back in the past and accidentally its mother Higgs, now younger, fall in love with it and want to take it to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.

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Tevatron data suggests a new, unknown particle, but it’s not the Higgs boson

Around the world, there’s several super colliders that are peering into the depths of the atomic and quantum world, and most of the time, money and effort right now is going into looking for the Higgs boson that may be key in further understanding or changing the current Standard Model of physics, but new data from the Tevatron super collider suggests the presence of a new particle, but it’s not the Higgs.

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