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iOS 8 will likely focus on health monitoring and compatibility with iWatch

According to a meeting Apple execs had with people at the FDA, the plans for iOS 8 include health monitoring, such as using tools in the phone’s hardware to monitor how much exercise you’re getting, as well as compatibility with the forthcoming iWatch and third party wearable devices to monitor things like heart rate, blood pressure, etc. iOS 8 will supposedly come bundled with an app called Healthbook to keep track of what lazy fuck you are. Yes, your iPhone is on its way to being a tricorder.

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IHC After Dark music: Health “Tears”

Always liked the song but never saw the music video till today.

Fat-shaming may curb obesity, says bioethicist


Daniel Callahan, a prominent bioethicist, says heaping more stigma on overweight people may help curb obesity rates in the U.S. Others say there’s plenty of stigma already out there.

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Afternoon spooky music videos: Health “Tears”

Because regular ol’ zombies weren’t cutting it, enjoy: zombie toddlers.

Good luck sleeping.

Study finds energy drinks are actually good for your heart

When energy drinks first started hitting the market a couple years ago, some people started wondering about the long term impact of high levels of caffeine and the other energetic ingredients in things like Red Bull, Monster, etc. As it turns out, energy drinks may actually be good for your heart.

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This week in egg news: Whole eggs as bad as smoking

For years, we’ve been told that egg yolks are very high in cholesterol, but a new study has even more alarming news. For people over 40, egg yolks can be as dangerous to your arteries as smoking cigarettes.

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Could popcorn be healthier than fruits or vegetables? Mmm popcorn.

When you go to a movie theater and order up a bucket of popcorn, you may not think of it as health food— at least not as healthy as fruits or vegetables. For decades, we’ve had the idea that fruits and vegetables were one of the ideal foods. Where’s popcorn on the nutrition pyramid? Nowhere. But a new study finds that popcorn may be higher in antioxidants than fruits or veggies.

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Dr. Mike Evans talks about the one thing you can do to improve your health

There are lots of things you can do to improve your health, no matter what age or health level you’re at— drinking less, smoking less, eating better. But there’s one thing that no matter what your age or condition can improve your health and longevity. What is it? Watch the video!

Massive 15 year study finds no link between cell phone use and cancer

Forget whatever little short term study that’s on the local evening news— a massive, thorough and conclusive fifteen year study has found no link whatsoever between cell phone use and cancer. Call your friends and tell them the good news as much as you want. The World Health Organization called phones “possibly carcinogenic”, but that’s just not true.

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Dozens of idiots taking shelter from evil wi-fi and cell phone radiation in the mountains of West Virginia

As if West Virginia didn’t have enough idiots as it is, the state is now becoming a haven for those who think they suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity, also known as technophobic hypochondria, a term I made up just now. Because Green Bank, WV is home to several large radio telescopes, the area is a radio-free zone, as not to interfere with the telescopes. This isolation is what is driving many to move to the area, who think that cell phone radiation is killing them.

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How a virus can change the world

I’ve been seeing this around for a few days, but I didn’t bother to watch it, because the name of the video is actually “Contagion: How a Virus Can Change the World” and I thought it was a viral for the movie, Contagion. It still may be, but I don’t think so. It’s too clever and hip and informative to be a viral marketing video. I could be wrong, but it’s still a cool video.

Update: Yeah, I was wrong. It is a viral video for Contagion. But again… still very informative.

Which is worse for your health… bacon or cigarettes?

Cigarettes are pretty bad for your health, but bacon can be pretty bad for you as well. But which is worse? You may already think you know the answer, but the Straight Dope still wants to do the math to see how bacons and cigarettes stack up with one another and whether you should start smoking bacon instead.

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Tiny microchip tests for HIV in 15 minutes, costs $1

One of the main problems with stopping the spread of HIV in developing countries is ignorance. Not only ignorance about how the disease spreads, but who has it and who doesn’t. And for many countries, without a stable infrastructure and health system, getting testing to those who need to know becomes extremely difficult. But now there’s a microchip that can test blood for HIV in just 15 minutes and it costs just a dollar. That’s good news for stopping the spread of HIV and AIDS in poor countries.

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Finally, there’s a cure for just generally feeling like shit

There’s a cure or a potential cure for almost everything these days, and now there’s a cure for just the general malaise of life sucking. If you’re a chronic sufferer of the life sucks syndrome, all you need apparently is a little orexin.

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