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Team gets penalized at 24 Hours of Lemons, has to make a Harlem Shake video

This is probably the best use of the Harlem Shake meme yet— a team at the 24 Hours of Lemons race spun out for the third time and were penalized by being forced to make this Harlem Shake video. This should be a punishment in every sport.

Submitted by Delsyd

IHC After Dark: Harlem Shake, the WTF x infinity edition

Okay, last Harlem Shake video, I promise.

Submitted by CA Love

The Harlem Shake, the naked porn star version (SFW-ish)

Because that’s what we’re doing now. All Harlem Shake videos all the time. No, just kidding. Maybe.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Harlem Shake

Because it’s taken us this long to post any Harlem Shake videos, let’s have two in one day.

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