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Half Life 2 modded with Doom? Please thanks.

This is the most wonderful thing to ever happen and if you disagree you’re a communist.

Morgan Freeman is Gordon Freeman in this Half Life 2 mod

File this under “What the hell someone so long to make this?”

Jurassic Life is the Jurassic Park game that should have been

There have been plenty of Jurassic Park games, some which have been pretty crappy and some that have been halfway decent, but until this Half Life 2 mod came along, nothing that’s really the JP game that should have been.


If the Citadel from Half Life 2 were a real building, it would be 3x taller than any building on Earth

The Citadel from Half Life 2 was a pretty big fucking building, but if it were a real building, it would absolutely dwarf any building on Earth. By about three times. Yup, three times taller than the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, and that’s a damn tall building.

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Mashup of the day: “Godspeed You! Gordon Freeman”

SkipPrime mixed scenes from HL2 with the darkly poetic The Dead Flag Blues, by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.


Geekcraft of the Day: A Half Life gravity gun… it’s so beautiful

Master craftsman Harrison Krix has built himself a replica of Gordon Freeman’s Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2. And it’s not only beautiful to behold, if you’re in Seattle and you’ve got deep pockets, it can be yours to own. The piece is being auctioned off for Child’s Play at a dinner in Seattle.

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